WATCH: Dr. Vicki Belo chickens out on eating 'adidas' in MelaSon street food challenge | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: YouTube/Dr. Vicki Belo

Comedian couple Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco posed a challenged to Dr. Vicki Belo when they visited her in her home recently.

The challenge is to eat street food they brought for the visit, documented in a recent post on Dr. Belo’s YouTube vlog, Oct. 29.

First, the doctor to the stars was made to eat penoy.

“Kinakain ko ‘yan pero may soup,” she said before eating it. (I eat that but with soup) She then ate squid balls, kwek kwek (quail eggs) and kikiam, and she enjoyed them all.

When she was offered to eat isaw, she hesitated.

“I don’t want to know what’s inside. Walang lumabas. Kapag malinis, walang lumalabas? Masarap,” she said after eating it. (Nothing came out. When it’s clean, nothing comes out? It’s delicious.)

“What is the safest there?” Dr. Belo also asked about the spread.

“Nothing. Nothing is safe in this world,” Jason replied, after which he got the chicken head and offered it to Dr. Vicki.

“Ano, may brain ba ’yan (does it have a brain) or what?” the doctor asked next.

“Yes doc, the brain is the best for the mind,” Cantiveros answered.

“Hindi ako makahinga. Nagha-hyperventilate na ako,” Dr. Belo said. (I can’t breathe. I’m already hyperventilating.)

When she was offered to eat adidas (chicken feet), she chickened out.

“This looks really scary. Oh no I really cannot do this. I’m sorry ikaw na lang (you do it) for me. No, I cannot (eat it). It’s so scary it looks like a claw, it looks like a hand,” she said while addressing her husband, Dr. Hayden Kho, who also joined the food challenge at some point.

When Francisco offered betamax (pig’s blood), Dr. Kho said, “Malakas sa iron.”

“Ulo ‘to? Kinakain ba ‘yan?” Dr. Kho asked about chicken the heads. (Is this head? Can this be eaten?)

“Ang Pilipino, ‘doc, walang tinitira iyan,” Francisco replied. (Filipinos, doc, don’t waste anything.)

As he was eating the chicken feet, Dr. Kho joked at Dr. Belo, “Imagine mo lang kinakamot ang dila mo. Parang lengua lang ‘yan, eh. Habang nilalasahan mo, nilalasahan ka rin.” (Imagine your tongue being scratched. It’s like lengua. While you’re tasting it, you are also getting tasted.)

Image: YouTube/Dr. Vicki Belo

Cantiveros and Francisco, whose tandem is referred to by fans as MelaSon, were asked interesting couple questions by Belo during the mukbang challenge. They also have their own channel in YouTube called “Melason Official Youtube” where they publish their own vlog episodes. JB


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