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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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With seeming finality, veteran writer and radio host Cristy Fermin vowed not to work with Queen of Talk Kris Aquino in any future project.

This came after a botched online program which would have starred Aquino with Fermin, Lolit Solis and Mr. Fu. Aquino allegedly refused to work with Mr. Fu as she does not know him and because he is supposedly not in the level of Fermin and Solis.

Fermin spoke about the brouhaha in her radio show, “Cristy Ferminute” on TV5, Nov. 4, while having a banter with Rommel Chika.

“Kami ang kinuha ng Puregold at S&R para gumawa ng isang proyekto na kasama si Kris,” Fermi said.

They would work separately, though, with Aquino using the office of her manager, Erickson Raymundo, as her studio; Fermin, Solis and Mr. Fu would be streaming from Mga Obra Ni Nanay gallery owned by Fermin.

The show, to be produced by S&R and Puregold was supposed to air online for eight weeks.

Fermin stated that Solis shared with her Aquino’s text which said that she does not know Mr. Fu and that he does not belong to the level of Fermin and Solis.

“Ang sabi ni Kris Aquino, kami lang daw ni Manay Lolit ang gusto niyang makasama. Hindi niya raw kilala si Mr. Fu at hindi namin ka-level si Mr. Fu,” Fermin said. (Kris Aquino said she only wants to work with me and Manay Lolit. She said she does not know Mr. Fu and he does not belong to our level.)

Upong learning about it, Mr. Fu went to the comfort room of the gallery. Fermin followed and saw that the host looked like he just came from crying.

“Tiningnan ko siya. Nakita ko siya nakaganoon (head high) ‘Ano’ng ginawa mo?’ ‘Naghilamos lang ako, ‘nay.’ Hindi naghihilamos si Mr. Fu kapag ‘Take It Ferminute.’ Naka-make-up na siya pagdating. Ang ginagawa na lang niya, nagre-reotuch na lang. Nagsumbong ang puso niya sa mga mata. Umiyak ‘yung tao,” Fermin narrated.

(I saw him. He was like this. “What did you do?,” I asked. “I just washed my face, mom,” he answered. Mr. Fu does not wash his face during “Take It Ferminute.” He already wears his make up when he arrives. What he does is just retouch. His eyes defied his heart. The man cried.)

With that, Fermin decided to back out from the program.

“‘Lolit, ayoko nang gawin ‘yung programa, ayoko na. Sabi ni Manay Lolit, ‘Sayang ano? Kahit man lang sana dagdag na kita natin para ngayong pandemya.’ Ang sagot ko walang dagdag na kita sa pandemya para sa akin pagdating [sa] prinsipyo. ‘Kung hindi mo gagawin, hindi ko rin gagawin.’ At si Mr. Fu, hindi rin gagawin ang show,” she said.

(Lolit, I don’t want to do the show anymore. “What a waste, right? It could have been additional income during the pandemic.” I answered, there is no extra income during pandemic for me when it comes to principles. If you will not do it, I won’t do it. And Mr. Fu will also not do it.)

cristy fermin fb
Image: Facebook/Cristy Ferminute

“Sabi ng ani Manay Lolit, kahit bigyan mo kami ng tig-isang ng Puregold ay hindi namin gagawin ang proyekto kung ikaw ang kasama. Ako mismo, kahit ano pa ang gawin mo, kahit na ano pa ang gawin ni Chuck Gomez na panliligaw sa akin, kay Manay at kay Mr. Fu, hindi bale na lang. Magdidildil ako ng asin, Kris Aquino, ‘wag ka lang makasama,” Fermin said adamantly.

(Manay Lolit said, even if you individually give us Puregold branches, we will not do the project if it is with you. As for me, whatever you do, whatever courting Chuck Gomez would do to me, Manay and Mr. Fu, forget it. I am willing to eat salt just so I do not have to be with you.) 

Solis upset about Fermin being upset

Meanwhile, Solis has also spoken up about Fermin getting quite upset with Aquino over having Mr. Fu be subjected to a “trial” period.

“I owe this to Kris Aquino, Salve. Nalungkot ako na para bang galit na galit si Cristy at halos maiyak sa radyo kahapon dahil nga sa feeling niya, 2nd time na nagawa ni Kris ang ilaglag ang kasama namin, first si Wendel Alvarez, now si Mr. Fu,” Solis said in an Instagram post earlier today, Nov. 5.

(I am saddened that Cristy seems to be very upset and almost cried on the radio yesterday because she felt that this is the second time Kris has decided to get rid of our colleague: first is Wendell Alvarez, and now, Mr. Fu.)

“Hindi ko alam kung paano ang naging [atake] kay Cristy ng paliwanag ko na hindi comfortable si Kris kay Mr. Fu kaya may grace period muna siya na [apat] na episode,” Solis added.

(I do not know how my explanation that Kris is not comfortable with Mr. Fu, and wants him to have a grace period of four episodes, came across to Cristy.)

Solis meanwhile lauded Mr. Fu for having “high EQ,” explaining that he took Aquino’s decision well.

“I respect at hanga ako sa stand ni Cristy dahil [totoo] naman balewala ang extra income kung hindi ka maligaya sa ginagawa at gagawin mo,” she noted. (I respect and look up to Cristy’s stand because it is true that the extra income is not worth it if you are not happy with what you are doing and what you will do.)

“Lahat tried to persuade Cristy dahil sa [Sunday] na ito, pero firm siya dahil nga sa medyo mabigat na feeling niya kay Kris. Ako tuloy ang medyo maguluhan, kasi tawa ng tawa si Mr. Fu taking everything in stride, ako OK lang dahil nga feeling ko pinagbigyan naman lahat ng gusto namin so why not ? Si Cristy ang medyo malungkot ako dahil nga baka hindi naging maganda ang latag ko sa case ni Mr Fu kaya ganuon naging galit niya,” Solis added.

(Everyone tried to persuade Cristy to still join the show because it is meant to air on Sunday, but she was firm in her decision because she was quite upset with Kris. I was the one left confused, because Mr. Fu was able to laugh at it, taking everything in stride while I was okay with it as I felt that everything we requested were given to us, so why not? I am sad for Cristy because I may not have told her Mr. Fu’s case properly, which is why she is angry.)

Solis then expressed her gratefulness to Aquino as she revealed that the latter actually reached out to them to join the talk show, as Aquino was supposedly meant to be a solo host.

“Ayaw ko lang na magkaruon ng ill feelings si Cristy kay Kris kung hindi masyado nakuha ang explanation ko, kasi, show lang iyan, hindi dapat pagmulan ng samaan ng loob,” Solis stressed.

(I just do not want Cristy to have ill feelings toward Kris if she did not fully get my explanation, because that is only a show, not something that should result in bad blood.) JB


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