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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Periods are not for the weak. Any symptom in the gamut of inconveniences that come with the bleeding, such as muscle cramps, bloating, and infection risks, are

enough to bring down an able-bodied adult. But women are warriors, trained from an early age to handle this kind of physical distress, while going about their days as normally as they could.

As women understand their bodies better, they have come to regard this time as a reminder of their unique strengths. Anchored on these specific strengths is a host of activities that are particularly suitable during one’s period:

Staying cool at the gym

Body temperature can drop during this period of a woman’s cycle, allowing her body to remain cooler than usual, which is great in any workout. While intense exercise is generally not advised during one’s period, as muscles affected by fluctuating hormones are more prone to injury, doctors agree that light to moderate exercise is beneficial.

Also, exercise helps with the blood flow and hormones, boosting energy levels, alleviating bloating, and fighting stress.

Troubleshooting in the office

Heightened senses brought about by hormone shifts can boost brain power, making this a great time to solve problems. Be it an office conundrum that is waiting to be tackled or a project that was procrastinated on for too long, this may be an opportune time for a lady to roll up her girl boss sleeves and finally get things going.

Confidently slaying any outfit

It may sound counterintuitive, given the possibility of leaving stains or irritating sensitized body parts, but dressing freely can work wonders on one’s self-image and confidence.

Choosing the appropriate feminine products for the body and its activities is key. A

common concern for women is the risk of bacterial irritation and its uncomfortable effects, such as itchiness and odor. These can be addressed by choosing the right feminine care products to help retard bacterial growth in sensitive areas. While your regular feminine wash will do on regular days, red days call for extra protection.

GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash is specially formulated to be the feminine wash for red days, providing optimum defense against red day vulnerabilities. Its effective bacteria-killing action provides tri-power protection against red day threats, such as odor, itchiness, and irritation. With regular use, GynePro is clinically proven to have bacteria killing action with regular use. GynePro Ultra Protection Feminine Wash is also great to use during non-red days.

At a time when a woman’s mind can focus on a hundred things, let it. GynePro, the feminine wash for red days gives ultra-protection, letting her conquer red days like any other day.



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