5 Things the Pandemic teaches us about making Life Choices | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

2020 has been a rollercoaster of excitement and while many would rather skip the whole ordeal, there are a lot of important lessons to be learned from this pandemic. It’s important to take note as these can influence the decisions we make moving forward as we navigate through the new normal. Here’s what the impact has taught us so far:

Keep essentials close.

At the height of the lockdown, there was one word that permeated through every restriction and reminder: essential. We would hear this buzzword constantly until today.

The pandemic and the ensuing quarantine have taught us the importance of the essentials and making sure that we have easy access to them at any time. It’s best to situate yourself where there is a complete commercial complex within arm’s reach so you can pop in and out whenever you need to and still be able to meet all your retail wants and needs.

Apart from making sure your pantry is always well-stocked, it also helps to minimize the time you spend outside in potential exposure, and also brings you home sooner to spend more time with your loved ones. After all, more than biscuits and bread slices, the real essentials you should stick close to at this time are those you hold dear to your heart.

Always be aware of your surroundings and stay safe.

Amidst this pandemic are thousands of unpleasant stories from unemployment and desperation driving people to crime to tales of how even the most careful individuals are brought down by the virus acquired in tight, congested places. There’s enough to go around to make anybody anxious.

You may not have full control of these bad elements but you can still do something to minimize the impact and anxiety they bring you.

Set yourself up where you can feel safe. A gated community would be ideal so you can enjoy

24/7 security by trusted and trained security personnel who can make sure that no bad elements come to invade your home. It’s also best to be in a medium-density environment wherein you can get to know each of your neighbors personally while remaining physically distant. This way, you’re not just a stranger packed in with dozens of others, crowding the elevator bank as you wait for the doors to open.

Remember, the sound sleep you get at night knowing you live in a safe community is priceless.

Be resilient. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

While staying safe is always good advice, sometimes it’s also good to take a little risk. This pandemic has brought about an emergence of surprise hobbies and interests. We all have that friend who’s into investment banking but is now also a baker. That PR writer who makes fashionable face masks. The dentist who now paints on canvas.

With so much time spent at home, it would be a waste not to open up your creativity. For some, it’s a hobby, for others, a second source of income. Whatever it may be for you, now is the time to rediscover yourself and unearth something new whether it’s an artistic endeavor or a new interest.

When you’re strapped for inspiration, look no further than into Mother Nature herself and you’ll find every molecule gleaming with life. It’s best to surround yourself with awe-inspiring sights and breathtaking views where you can breath in the fresh air, enjoy the breeze, and let the sun speak to your heart’s desire.

Give yourself space to grow.

Throughout this pandemic, we’ve been forced to learn to distance ourselves, not just with the 6 feet of space between each person but also from the hustle and bustle that was the “old normal” and everything that used to clutter our lives.

Now, you can enjoy the open space around you, free from pressures and expectations. Just let yourself grow into who you are meant to be. Breathe in the open air, enjoy the bright sky, the lush trees, and the early morning breeze. There’s nothing quite like having all the space you need to feel open and free. 

Preparation is key.

This pandemic has taught us that no matter how comfortable you’ve gotten with your life, there’s always something that can come swooping in to turn it upside down. Whatever the case, it’s best to be prepared. With the uncertainty of the times, that could mean everything from having a fully stocked pantry to ensuring your family’s comfort and security in the future. Now is a great time to invest in that future.

As quarantine has made us all experience, there is no physical investment more precious than a property you will live in so it’s definitely worth the investment. Take everything you’ve learned from this pandemic and apply it into finding a home that prepares you for the future. One such as Zadia in Greenfield  City.

Despite being but a quick drive from the Metro, the medium-density residential towers of Zadia could not be further from the cluttered chaos of the city. Instead this exclusive gated community stands tall upon a vast green horizon marked by amenities, parks, tree-lined roads, and greeneries that make up 75% of the entire development. There’s plenty of space to enjoy the morning sun, breathe in the fresh air, explore nature, and still exercise proper physical distancing.

Here, you’ll find greenspiration in every corner making it the perfect setting to live a charmed life, to grow along with nature, and to experience its majesty in comfort. You’d be surprised at how a clear view of the morning sun or a cool breeze can inspire and ignite something new in you.

Taking its cue from the natural splendor that surrounds it, Zadia is designed to embody the lush living environment. This contemporary condominium features nature-inspired interiors so you can enjoy its magnificence both inside and out. This is definitely a home that you would have no qualms about quarantining in.

This master-planned community is but a stone’s throw away from the Paseo Outlets in Greenfield City, a host of 150-establishments sprawled across a vast open commercial complex. Here, you’ll find a wide range of shops and dining options to suit your every want and need, all just a few steps from home.

The entire Zadia complex is set to contain five towers spread across a wide expanse of land. While the first two are already sold out, the 15-story third tower is now available for pre-selling making it an opportune time to take the leap and invest in a future at this urban paradise.

Zadia is a premier development of Equus Property Venture, Inc. – a wholly owned subsidiary of Greenfield Development Corporation. To learn more, visit us at our website, Facebook, and Instagram.