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Christmas Shopping stress? Here are 5 Ways a Personal Shopper can help

With the hours melting into days, blending into weeks, turning into months while the world has been in varying degrees of pandemic-induced lockdown, Christmas has seemingly snuck in on us. The beloved holiday season is now just around the proverbial corner, and even the best, most organized, and most oft-prepared of us have been caught unawares. Many of us have yet to write out our gift lists—and of course, fill and complete them in time. Add to that the still-strange “new normal” in which we find ourselves, and the task seems all the more daunting, even for the most seasoned and skillful of shoppers.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of holiday gift options, available online, for your safety and convenience. However, as enticing and expedient as the realm of digital shopping may be, nothing quite beats the exhilaration and excitement of the in-store shopping experience. We miss the sight of racks upon racks, row after row, of our favorite merchandise; we long to touch, fit, and feel the products, to take in the many sensory pleasures of a day at a well-loved retail store. While some of us bravely venture out, with the assurance of proper protocols in place, there are numerous other shoppers who prefer the safety of their own homes, these days, all the while yearning for that intimate retail encounter.

Enter, the next best thing: the Personal Shopper. This is a concept with which premier retailer Rustan’s is very familiar, having pioneered personal shopping services in the country. And, with Rustan’s One Number, Thousands of Possibilities, the world of personal shopping has become even more enthralling and easy.

A helpful and timely service

The idea of a personalized shopping service is a familiar one, to lovers of retail. But, in case you were wondering, a personal shopper is, in a nutshell, one who helps customers shop by providing expert insight, advice, and suggestions. More than simply assisting clients with their shopping choices, personal shoppers help to build a client’s confidence in the selection and purchase process, as well as help them develop their own sense of style. Rustan’s customers have long enjoyed the services of a personal shopper, an amenity which the upscale department store offers, for free, as part of their commitment to provide the finest of products and the most exceptional of world-class service.

Personal shoppers are the retail gurus, when it comes to what’s in-store. Nowadays, given our lockdown life and limited trips to brick-and-mortar establishments, the conveniences offered by a personal shopper are timelier and more beneficial than ever.

Personal shopper, to the rescue

Here are five ways a personal shopper can help make your holiday gift shopping a whole lot less stressful—and a whole lot merrier and brighter.

    1. Saves you valuable time. While it seems that these days all we have is time on our hands, this notion is simply not altogether true. We do spend more of our waking hours indoors, yes; but those hours still never seem enough—especially if you have a family to care for. Between working from home, chores, homeschooling (if you have school-aged kids), seeing to your essential needs, disinfecting things—the list goes on—the day slips through our fingers all too easily. A personal shopper can take your holiday shopping off your already full hands, freeing up your time for things that require your attention. Simply let them know what you want, and they will put together an appropriate selection of products. Rustan’s personal shoppers know their merchandise; and they also take the time to know their client profiles. As such, they can help fill your list quickly and efficiently. Plus, with Rustan’s universal number for personal shoppers, you no longer have to spend hours on the internet, searching for the store nearest you.
    2. Helps you conserve precious energy. These days, staying healthy is of the utmost priority. One way to do this is to keep your energy levels up, and your stress levels down. Instead of expending more energy on shopping (and we all know how much of a task that can be, of late, what with the gearing up in PPE and all), why not get a pro to do it for you? When you work with a personal shopper from Rustan’s, you have the assurance of knowing that they are highly skilled and thoroughly trained for the job.
    3. Reduces your stress levels. If only for this all-important benefit, the decision to go with a personal shopper is a good one. Who needs more stress during the holidays—especially given we already deal with so much of it? In this pandemic landscape, relaxation is often elusive, yet oh-so desired. Stress levels are through the roof, more often than not, and any way we can relax is so welcome. Keep calm and call a personal shopper.
    4. Ensures that you get the best quality and the best deals. As mentioned earlier, personal shoppers are experts, when it comes to what’s in-store. A personal shopper knows the merchandise and inventory like the back of his or her retail-savvy hand. Rustan’s carries the most impressive roster of international brands and top-shelf, genuine merchandise—your personal shopper is your ticket to the best finds, most ideal presents, and most fabulous deals. They do the legwork; you enjoy the rewards. Plus, because they are so good at what they do, you can rest easy knowing that they will be able to stay within your budget.

5. Your Gifts Arrive on Time. While no one will fault you for being a tad late with holiday gift giving, isn’t it nice if your gifts arrive when they should? With help from a Rustan’s personal shopper, you won’t have to worry about empty Christmas stockings or sparse presents ‘neath the Yule Tree. Nor will you have to play the “better late than never” card. Personal shopping services ensure that your gifts are not only amazing, but also timely. Moreover, Rustan’s offers a reliable delivery service to make gift giving even more convenient and efficient. For purchases P 5,000 and over, delivery is free within Metro Manila and Cebu. Regardless of purchase price, deliveries may also be arranged, even to provincial locales, for a nominal fee.


Your ultimate gift destination

There you have it—five ways a personal shopper can boost your holiday cheer. As the ultimate gift destination this Christmas, Rustan’s has launched one number that opens up a dazzling array of personalized shopping possibilities. Your very own Personal Shopper on Call is just a few digits away: 0917-111-1952 is the universal number to call. Designated personnel will assist you with your shopping needs and queries, and assign you to a personal shopper who will guide you along your holiday gift-giving journey. You may request for a curbside pickup, or avail of their delivery service for all your holiday purchases.

Don’t let the current situation dampen your Christmas spirit. Make that list—with a Rustan’s personal shopper to help you check it twice.


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