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OCTOBER 27, 2022

There’s a montage scene in “I’m Not That Guy,” the sixth episode of the third season of How I Met Your Mother, that perfectly encapsulates the vicious cycle of shopping. Lily Aldrin always seeks retail therapy at every other emotional experience. The bills rack up and when she sees the horrible debt she incurred, she copes…by buying another pair of shoes.

The thing about buyer’s remorse is that it doesn’t fully convince us to delete our shopping apps. We find ourselves scrolling still, hoping that we aren’t let down by our purchases this time. We always think, “No, this one is different. This one will work.”

I’m going to cut to the chase and give you a list of items that you may need which deliver the results they promise. Isn’t that what we all want from what we buy, beyond the fancy reviews?

#1 Trizie Light Fiber

Stock up on this now so you can prepare for the upcoming feasts. I like this drink because it tastes very good (Read: I am not drinking shredded grass but a fruity delight instead). Made with only the good stuff, this drink gives you the fiber you need to be able to defeat the bloat. Available via BFF Manila and Lazada

#2 Kamiliant Kiza Set

What’s the best thing to do while we stay at home? Prepare in the best way possible for our upcoming trips. Start with the essentials: A reliable luggage set that can take you from overnight outings to long-haul flights. Tip: They’re having a big sale this 12.12!  Available via Shopee

#3 UV Protect PH UV-C Disinfection Bag

Like a scene from a futuristic movie, it’s now cool to carry bags that light up. This is for the extra cautious who want to make sure the things they bring with them, such as wallet, keys, and phone, can be quickly disinfected anywhere. Available online

#4 Groove Activewear

Gym clothes are never a bad purchase because the more you have, the less you can say, “I don’t want to workout today, I have nothing to wear.” What makes Groove Activewear special is how each piece is made of around 20 to 30 plastic bottles. Their partner factory in Vietnam assures that employees are paid a living wage and are in a healthy work environment. They are also certified by different organizations like FairTrade, BetterWork, and WRAP. Available via @grooveactivewear

#5 Strokes Premium Brow Kit

When all people can see are your eyes due to your mask and face shield/goggles, your brows are what’s left to give your face some distinction. If you haven’t figured out which brow product best works for you or if you love working with multiple items to create your brows, this is the kit you need. My favorites are the Brow Fixer in “Clear”—a lifesaver two minutes before the Zoom call and Brow Sculptor Duo that features a spoolie and a pencil that delivers the perfect feathery stroke. Available online

#6 Colourette Cosmetics Easy Mattes

A good old bullet lipstick that comes in shades that match all different types of skin tones, doesn’t feel drying, and is affordable? Why do I need to give more reasons to pick up Colourette Cosmetics’ latest lip product drop? Get the shades “Caffeine” or “Bop” and the Blur Balm that feels good on the lips on its own, apart from being a moisturizing prep for your lipstick. Available online and Lazada

#7 Avon Body Illusion Slimtex Leggings

Being in the house for this long made me give in to leggings. But not just any kind of leggings, this one from Avon has that “second skin” feel. It’s not hot or tight, nor does it snag you in awkward places. It also claims to help you lose a couple of inches and is infused with Vitamin E, gingko, and sea kelp. Available online

#8 SkinPotions Acne Pie Pimple Calming Soap

Cleansers that are friendly for acne-prone skin tend to be a bit hard to find and expensive. This one is an exception. The bar gives you a huge bargain as you don’t need too much product every time you wash. You can even cut the bar in half so you get to ration your use effectively. Not only does it calm active pimples but it also keeps new ones from coming up. Available via Lazada

#9 LaCoupe Organix Argan Oil Complex


Next year, some of us might set up a living space in their favorite salon to catch up on the treatments they need. For now, I’ve turned to this. The hair mask doesn’t leave a heavy feeling or a film on your hair. You just get the lovely scent and the benefits of argan, olive, and moringa oils, and panthenol that helps repair damaged hair. Available at LOOK Philippines

#10 Nivea Healthy Glow Cooling Lotus Lotion

I thought all lotions were created the same. I first finished my Nivea Healthy Glow Dewy Sakura Lotion with Jojoba Oil, happy to have a lotion I love to use after a shower. I switched to another lotion and then found that I should have stayed loyal to this range that’s light, non-sticky, and absorbs quickly into the skin.

#11 Always, Coco Lip Treatment Kit

I know what you will say: You’re crazy; you have a whole different regimen for your lips! I’m going to leave you alone while I enjoy plump, soft, and hydrated lips with this scrub, serum, and balm that’s made only with sweet goodness. Available via

#12 Savon Hand Soap Starter Kit

Never in recent history has hand soap been more precious than right now. One kit has three fragrant soap variants that are formulated with non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. I would call this the perfect gift for your home and for your loved ones. Available online



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