'They don't disguise our pain': Amy Perez encourages everyone to pray the Psalms | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

amy perez ig
Amy Perez. Image: Instagram/@amypcastillo

For actress and TV host Amy Perez, one can never go wrong by praying the Psalms.

To encourage her fans and followers to pray, Perez explained the reasons why praying the Psalms is the best thing, as per her Instagram page on Saturday, Jan. 16.

“Have you ever struggled to find words for what you’re feeling when you find yourself in a desperate place? Pray the Psalms,” she advised.

According to Perez, one of the most powerful gifts of the Psalms is that these Bible passages open up one’s emotions to God.

“The Psalms are brutally honest,” she said. “They don’t disguise our pain, and they don’t hide our only hope. Whatever you are going through right now, you will find language for your soul in the Psalms.”

The “It’s Showtime” host also shared the words of a Bible expert, Walter Brueggemann: “The Psalter knows that life is dislocated. No cover-up is necessary. The Psalter is a collection over a long period of time of the eloquent, passionate songs and prayers of people who are at the desperate edge of their lives.”

amy perez ig
Amy Perez. Image: Instagram/@amypcastillo

Perez believes that “if we lived and prayed like the psalmist, more people would be drawn to Jesus.”

“Because God’s Word is alive, not just words on paper, when we begin to pray the Word of God, the Spirit joins with us and our spirits catch fire,” she explains. “As you get to know the Psalms better, you will know where to turn for specific prayers, but don’t be afraid to flip through them until you come to one that speaks to you at that time.” JB


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