Chynna Ortaleza addresses weight issue, asks critics to practice ‘mindful intention’ | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

chynna ortaleza ig
Chynna Ortaleza. Image: Instagram/@chynsortaleza

With her figure, Chynna Ortaleza for the longest time has been speculated upon by bashers as anorexic. She finally addressed these speculations recently, with an appeal to the public to be mindful when giving comments.

Ortaleza explained that sometimes, a comment can “bring up past wounds,” as per her Instagram page yesterday, Feb. 15. If repeated several times, she said it can make the receiver feel that there’s indeed something wrong with him or her.

She enumerated some comments about her body, which she noticed are recurring. She has been told that she’s too thin and anorexic; that she needs to eat even lesser; that she looks like a bean; that she needs to gain a few more pounds to keep a job; that she had gone fat; and that she lost weight again. The actress calls it all a “vicious cycle.”

“The concern is much appreciated but then again the way it is said is something that needs to be talked about,” she stressed.

“It’s funny you know because from the time we are conceived our death clock also starts ticking [and] its a real battle to keep fighting [and] living in this world,” she added. “All I’m saying is we need to try to be impeccable with what we say. Mindful in the intention. Because people have scars and we do not want to add on to it.”

chynna ortaleza ig
Chynna Ortaleza. Image: Instagram/@chynsortaleza

“You have the ability to [transform] lives through the use of tone [and] words. Speak kindly to yourself [and] one another. Yes even if it’s a hard subject to chew it can still be done with respect and empowerment,” the actress said.

She affirmed that as a 38-year old, she’s “straddling the 89 [to] 90 [pounds] mark” because she has decided to listen to her body “and let food be thy medicine.” For her, priorities remain to be her family and those she “will be blessed to cross paths with.”

“So I want to heal myself to be able to heal other people as well,” Ortaleza said. “Thank you to those who are kind enough to ask me how I am. All is well.”

Ortaleza is married to musician Kean Cipriano of Callalily, and they have two children. JB


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