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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We’ve all had our lives turn topsy-turvy after the pandemic, and we couldn’t enjoy the simple things that we used to take for granted in the course of our daily lives.

We’ve all had days when we just want to sit down, relax, and drink our favorite cup of coffee at our local café. But because of our current situation, even our regular trip to the coffee shop is risky for our health and the health of those around us. You’re disappointed because maybe you’re thinking, “coffee at home is just not the same.”

Well, think again. You can now create your own café-quality coffee drinks while safe and healthy at the comfort of your home using NESCAFÉ GOLD. With its unique blend of mountain-grown Arabica and Robusta beans that create an aromatic coffee with a well-rounded taste, NESCAFÉ GOLD is your go-to coffee for all the Instagram-worthy drinks you’ll be creating at home!

Here are five recipes for your café-quality caffeine fix:

Caramel Macchiato

Click here for the full recipe

Caramel has been one of the more popular flavors added to coffee. It is creamy and sweet, which compliments natural coffee flavors quite well for some. As a syrup, it increases the sweetness of your coffee overall and thickens the body. I prefer to use homemade caramel syrup (there are lots of recipes online), but commercial caramel syrups work for this recipe too.

Coffee Ice Cubes with Milk

Click here for the full recipe

This is a fun recipe in the sense that you experience two temperatures blending as you take each sip. It’s a comforting, light beverage. It involves some easy prep, followed by a simple mixing and matching of ingredients.

Dalgona Coffee

Click here for the full recipe

This candied coffee recipe from Korea recently became viral because of how simple it is to make, and how the finished product is perfect for your Instagram feed! It’s a dessert coffee on its own, but since you already make this for enjoyment, let’s have a little more fun with it!

Flat White

Click here for the full recipe

The flat white is a coffee shop staple. It takes a lot of skill and equipment to create, and is a hit because of its balance, texture, and flavor. 

 On the surface it looks like a latte, that’s about as big as a cappuccino. But if you dive deeper, you’ll discover that it’s less foamy than a cappuccino, and less milky than a latte.

 The result? Less milky means more coffee taste cutting through the milk. Less foamy means that it’s this silky, creamy coffee drink with a bit more punch than a latte. Great at any time of the day!

Spanish Latte

Click here for the full recipe

The Cafe con Leche is basically espresso-based coffee with milk, sweetened using condensed milk. While it’s sweeter than an unsweetened latte, it’s still less sweet than flavored ones. You can also use textured milk (optional) for additional body. We will recreate the espresso base by adding only a little water to our NESCAFÉ GOLD.


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