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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo Image: screenshot from YouTube/Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano

It has been years since celebrity doctor Hayden Kho got embroiled in a leaked sex video scandal, but as people would know, Kho eventually bounced back from the said tumultuous time and was forgiven by his now-wife, Dr. Vicki Belo. In a recent interview, she spoke up about why she forgave him.

Doctor-to-the-stars Belo stated the reasons why she accepted Dr. Kho again in a conversation with Toni Gonzaga, as seen in Gonzaga’s YouTube vlog yesterday, Feb. 22. Kho was also a guest in the vlog episode.

“Ako naman ang (as for me, my) big question ko, doc, heto ang gusto kong malaman (this is what I want to know) from you: why did you forgive him?” Gonzaga asked Dr. Belo, in reference to the scandal in 2009, when several footages of Kho having sex with different women circulated the internet. Kho’s medical license was revoked due to unethical behavior and he faced various charges as a result of the scandal. After a period of spiritual rehabilitation, his license was later reinstated and the charges were dismissed.

“’Coz I can see, I was very sure that Hayden was very kind,” Belo answered. “There was no problem with me, but I also know that he was molested by a gay guy when he was like 8 years old. And that part of him which he would talk to me about, parang really molded everything that went after that.”

She revealed that Kho kept the abuse a secret from his family.

“So, he had nowhere to process it, so ang nangyari (what happened was) parang (it’s like) he’s good, na he’s, parang (it’s like) in his mind, alam ko (I know) he felt so dirty,” explained Belo. “[But] he got the wrong breaks. He was young and he couldn’t control it.”

Belo then narrated how she was devastated about the death of a boyfriend from lung cancer at that time. At the same time, while she felt love and concern for Kho, she chose not to interfere in his life

“In the back of my mind, I love him,” she said, referring to Dr. Kho. “I know we won’t end up together but at some point in time in the future I’d like to see him… [even] from afar.”

She was also worried for him because she knew about his suicidal tendencies, but she also knew that she could only do so much and would need to trust that he can find his own way, through faith.

toni vlog vicki hayden
Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo. Image: screenshot from YouTube/Celestine Gonzaga-Soriano

“I knew God would help him to get together but until that time, parang nag-aalalay lang ako (I was just supporting),” she said, acknowledging that she cannot rescue him. “I tried my best. You know, people who think they can change people by doing things. You have to realize you can’t do anything.”

“Nothing worked until God came into his life,” Belo stressed. “And then, I let go. And he totally changed. So, don’t think that you can change anybody. Just leave it up to the Lord and just keep praying.”

Belo and Kho tied the knot in Paris on Sept. 2, 2017. They later conceived a daughter, through in vitro fertilization, Scarlet Snow. JB


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