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OCTOBER 27, 2022

On this mission to lead a healthier lifestyle, I wanted to go on a ketogenic diet. I’ve written facts about it, so why not experience it first hand?

Ketos of Manila and James Yulo Chi of Feel Good Food Group seemingly heard me. They got me into their 21-day challenge. Every night, they delivered pre-packed meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner for the next day. No cooking involved, just re-heating!

A bit of background: The ketogenic diet didn’t start as a trend. It was first designed to help out people who suffer from seizures. A ketogenic meal plan cuts out carbohydrates and sugars, concentrating your food intake on fats and protein. Depriving the body of the former forces it into a state of ketosis. This is when the body derives energy from ketones—the protein produced when your body starts burning your stored fats given the sugar deprivation.

With Ketos of Manila, I didn’t need to overhaul my pantry or drive myself insane at the grocery checkout, asking, “Is this keto or not?” as I stare at a pack of produce. Identifying which ingredients are keto takes some getting used to. Having a meal service saves you from that stress and teaches you which foods are ketogenic in a manner that’s not just about memorizing lists.

They offer four main types of ketogenic meal plans: K-Max, K-Lite, Simply Low Carb, and K-Fast. I got the K-Lite plan based on my fitness coach’s recommendation of consuming 1,200 calories a day. If you think that’s a small amount, know that I am but a little girl of barely five feet, and I’m just on the heavier side of my recommended weight.

Daily change

On the first day, I got a little hungry. I did the smart thing and made sure there wasn’t anything in the house I could snack on. I only survived on the contents of the Ketos of Manila white paper bag. I also relied on drinking lots of water.

By the third day, I was sent a keto test to see if my body was in ketosis. I was surprised to find that indeed, I was in ketosis that fast. I took a photo of my test and shared it on Instagram Stories, tagging @ketosofmanila. The next day, I was rewarded with some guiltless cookies from The Sugar-Free Bakery.

At the end of the week, I lost two pounds. I noticed that by the second week, my eating habits changed. I didn’t feel hungry and even struggled to finish my dinner because I felt full from my earlier meals. And this on top of having enough energy for my daily one-hour workout.

These are not the only benefits and advantages I got from being on a ketogenic diet.


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Room for dessert

I confirmed that keto isn’t boring or tasteless. None of the dishes Ketos of Manila gave me lacked variety or flavor. My favorites are the Keto Pork Katsu Curry with Sesame Slaw, Keto Chicken Fingers with Garlic-Cilantro Dip, and Keto Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich with Creamy Slaw.

Desserts are on the menu too. I like the Mini Keto Vegan Tablea Dream Cake, Chocolate Buttermilk Muffin, and Signature Keto Classic Ensaymada. Most of these are made with almond flour if you were wondering how they make these otherwise carb-loaded dishes keto-friendly.

I also observed that having the meals prepared in advance helped me eat on time. That’s a key to discipline when it comes to weight-loss goals. Eating at odd hours always leads to mindless snacking and messes up your metabolism. Added to this is how I didn’t get the mid-afternoon headaches that were always linked to carb-heavy meals.

Another thing I noticed: I had nicer skin and stronger nails. I could attribute this to the diet as I didn’t experiment with new skincare products during my 21-day program.

I also appreciated the keto diet because the aim isn’t for you to be completely hooked on it forever. The diet is here to help you reach a specific goal and help you integrate good habits into your life without feeling forced.


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Keto: A go or no?

The big question: Should you go keto or not? I would say it’s something you should try, especially if you want to jumpstart a healthier life path. You’ll learn so much about what food is truly good for you and how to achieve the right balance between fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

If you’re still on the fence, try the Keto Starter Kit. This program includes a box of snacks to replace your potato chips and a 10-day meal plan. Ketos of Manila also has an in-house dietician you can consult with to create that customized plan you need.

As for me, I’m back to eating regularly. Read: I’ve developed an appetite for lesser evils, if not truly healthier options. My stomach isn’t accustomed to over-eating, so I find myself indulging less.

I’ve also kept all the tiny menus attached to my Ketos of Manila meals. I refer to them as I venture into preparing my own food smartly.


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