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OCTOBER 27, 2022

aubrey miles ig feat image plants
Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/@milesaubrey

Of all the plants in her collection, certified “plantita” Aubrey Miles identifies one that nearly gave her “a heart attack” – a caramel marble.

Miles made the revelation as she showed photos of the said plant in her Instagram page today, Feb. 25.

“I got it almost [two] years ago, I think. She came from Baguio. [Three to four-hour] drive from cold weather straight to Quezon city. Imagine the change of weather, environment, condition and all that,” she recalled. “She had [five] leaves, mix potting soil in a plastic pot and one of the most stunning in my opinion.”

After staying in her garden for three days, Miles finally decided to bring the plant inside her house.

“Too fast, I guess, I got excited,” Miles observed. “After two days I saw two leaves changing. The edges turned brown, [one] leaf looking soft so I watered them. [Maybe] just thirsty,” she said.

But three days later, two leaves fell from the stem, although the stem was still erect and looked good.

Miles thought the plant was just adjusting to her “new environment” and was just “shocked and stressed from the sudden change.”

aubrey miles ig feat image plants
Aubrey Miles. Image: Instagram/@milesaubrey

“To make the story short I was left with [one] leaf. All leaves fell. I decided to change soil into a smaller pot and put soilless. I was a little hesitant to put it inside the house again maybe it was used to being outside. Though I said hey if you’ll live with me better adjust with me too. Live the way I want us to live together,” the actress said.


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Miles decided to get a solo grow light just for her caramel marble. She then waited for months for it to grow, feeding it with just the right amount of fertilizer and enough water. Her hard work, effort and patience paid off.

“Here she is, she loves being with me everyday now. My home is her home. She likes it hot, less water, less misting and ayaw ng may katabi (and does not like to be next to other plants),” she described. “Definitely a diva but all I can [say] is you deserve to be a diva!” JB 


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