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OCTOBER 27, 2022

[The Edsa Revolution] is about the unity of Filipino people who walked together along Edsa to end the dictatorship of President Marcos.

—ValenClaire Malilin, 24

The Edsa Revolution is about the people’s desire to overthrow Marcos’ dictatorship because they were aggrieved by the atrocities of the administration.

—Raven Pineda, 20

We know that the Edsa Revolution was to [put an] end to the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and also the reason for having true freedom. The Filipinos made the mistake of declaring a revolution because instead of lowering the number of corruption cases in the country, the country suffered more, and crimes increased. In his time, we were feared by other countries, because we had equipment . . . and only the Philippines had such. We were also the leading country in Southeast Asia. Now we are one of the worst performers. I just found out that the projects carried out by the president who succeeded him only continued (Marcos’) projects.

—Crizalyn, 20s

The reason there was an Edsa Revolution was, Ninoy Aquino was killed because there were rumors that he will run for president. When he died, people . . . gathered at Edsa in what we now call the People Power Revolution.

—Izabelle Viernes, 16

It was an important event in world history as it inspired the Tiananmen Protest. It was caused by martial law because of how Marcos abused his power.—Ford, 18What I know is that it is civil resistance against the Marcos regime. Also, from what I remember of what was taught to us, the revolution was a peaceful revolution. No force was used.

—Abonita, 21

Personally, it’s alright for Filipinos to help one another if they have something to fight for. There is no need to conduct rallies as it causes chaos and death. We do not need to be uncivilized. We can talk about it properly. The Edsa Revolution only happened because of the martial law of Marcos. He killed many Filipinos . . . During the revolution, what happened was good because the people united as a nation. But when Cory came into office, it all went down the drain.

—Maron, 17

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything.—Kali, 16Through the Edsa Revolution, Marcos was overthrown. Also, I saw a picture of a nun.

—Josa, 18

Edsa People Power Revolution is a product of a political flaw to end the Marcos regime. Edsa was named after the place where the walk for democracy happened, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. It happened in 1986, Feb. 24-25. The goal of the movement was to restore democratic rule in economic, political and social aspects of the country. Aquino played an important role as a catalyst for the fight in ending dictatorship.

—Karla Uno, 22

All I know is that Ninoy Aquino died then the Edsa Revolution happened. I don’t get why he was idolized back then. Didn’t he escape from something illegal that’s why he went to America? Anyway, the Aquino family is well-known. Even now, the poor idolize the rich families.

—Erika Christine Pasion, 21

Edsa Revolution gave birth to Cory’s L sign. The Filipino people united to overthrow the dictator that is Marcos and no blood was spilled.

—Bernadette Sumaya, 20

The Edsa Revolution is arguably the greatest manifestation of the Filipinos’ dissent against a dictator. Edsa 1 seemed to dictate what people can do in the event of another tyranny. The reasons for the revolt were countless human right violations, especially EJKs (extrajudicial killings) and abuse of police power . . . If there was anything that oppressed the people at that time, it was martial law. The government and the military controlled almost every human movement. Edsa 1 was a wake up call that people were dying, that it was too much, that many were being trampled. Even so, until the last part of the fight, the government still used force. They even deployed tanks back then against human barricades.

—Ryan Fabreag, 21

The Edsa Revolution was sparked by anger towards martial law–a policy which revoked civilian rights and led to a lot of violence. The revolution was an opportunity for Filipinos to reclaim their rights.


The Edsa Revolution was a peaceful protest that was organized by several groups in order to take down the dictatorial regime of Ferdinand Marcos . . . Several years have passed and it is still the paragon of democracy, a symbol of the power of the people, and an honorable memory that proves the importance of activism.

—Louela, 21

A crucial event in history due to its peaceful nature and the fact that it led to the removal of the Marcos regime.


It set a precedent by showing how peaceful protest can spark democratic reform.


People realized that the power of democracy lies within themselves, and that they can institute change peacefully–hence why it’s called the People Power Revolution.—Jake[The Edsa Revolution] restored democracy to our country.

—Lorence Fernandez, 20
—With reports from Kim Jao
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