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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Bravery. It isn’t just evident in cape-clad superheroes. It is, in fact, also imbedded in the heart and soul of every Filipino as we silently stretch a little courage in our daily lives—something we didn’t know we ever had inside us. It’s a reserve dam where we draw strength from during times when we are faced with adversity, prejudice, injustice, or especially with circumstances where we do not have a choice but to be strong. It is a desired resource when we need to step out of our comfort zones and rethink our decisions when fear stares us in the eye and confronts us with nerve-wracking life scenarios. Then we know we, in reality, have superhero capes for all our families, friends, and loved ones.

This global health crisis has brought a myriad of unexpected changes and challenges we never anticipated. Surviving an extremely challenging past year is undoubtedly an unparalleled feat. As this new year unravels before us, we understand that the world and life has been changed. There are new challenges greater and the greater uncertainty must be met with greater fight and fortitude. This is what Bagong Tapang is all about: a new sense of courage that kindles within us the  grit and resolve to keep just keep going.

Ginebra San Miguel’s newest campaign billed as “Bagong Tapang sa One Ginebra Nation” (New challenges, new strength) salutes every Filipino—who hasn’t only survived, but thrived—even with the pandemic crisis. This is to underscore that in order to sustain oneself during dire consequences, we just need to have “bagong tapang,” or a renewed sense of strength…something we didn’t know was inherent in us and something that we, as Filipinos, could always be proud to have. 

The Campaign of New Courage

Ginebra San Miguel’s “Bagong Tapang sa One Ginebra Nation” advocacy campaign applauds the kind of bravery Filipinos have displayed during these tough times and inspires everyone to continue facing the challenges we may still encounter in the new normal. Armed with intrinsic values such as “ganado”, “matapang”, “lumalaban”, and “nagkakaisa” (enthusiastic, brave, fighting, united), which are the essential fresh breed of courage that will enable us, not only to adapt, but to embrace our fear of the unknown and just march forward.

As a proud and distinctly Filipino brand, Ginebra San Miguel has always celebrated the Filipino values such as the never-say-die resilience, and their being “Ganado sa buhay” (enthusiastic about life). The “Bagong Tapang” ad motivates everyone that to succeed and endure, they need to change their old ways, let go of what they cannot change, and rely wholly on their new-found strength and the support of their loved ones. 

Their latest advocacy campaign, billed as “Ginebra Bagong Tapang sa #OneGinebraNation” chronicles how ordinary Filipinos in real-life scenarios slowly rose from their untimely circumstances, like losing jobs, but turned their life around, reached their dreams, faced the new and better normal—head on—for their families and loved ones.

There’s the carpenter who is now a poultry farm owner, the call center agent who ventured into being a motorcycle shop owner, the wedding photographer turned food business owner, and other noteworthy Filipinos who also rose to the occasion. Most of us can identify with them in many points during the pandemic crisis. Perhaps we are the butcher, fisherfolk, farmer, sari-sari store owner, construction worker, across the country, who strived for greatness even in times of fear. The moment we choose growth over the familiar, we have gone out and set our bravery into motion.

For Filipinos, fear is nothing but a knee-jerk response toward a tough situation but in reality, it is only something external. It is the inner values that we have that remain unchanged that matters.  Like them, being brave despite these difficult times can be the door to new beginnings, a chance to explore new skills and interests. It’s a way of saying to ourselves: “Hindi kawalan ng katapangan ang pagpapakumbaba. Ngayong nagbago ang mundo, bago na rin ang tapang mo!” (There is no lack of courage in being humble. Now that the world is new, there is also a renewed strength in you).

Bottoms up to a better future

Ginebra San Miguel’s award-winning campaigns have consistently drawn inspiration from the Filipinos’ deeply rooted culture of communal drinking or “tagay” (bottoms up or drink up!) as a symbol of unity, togetherness, and Bayanihan spirit. This new year is another chance for us to move on and forward, thrilled to welcome new challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and learning experience. It is important to view these times not as an invitation to give up, but rather, as an opportunity to prove our mettle.

“We have a chance to reinvent and to create a better world where we can all work, succeed, and celebrate in the new normal. We cannot rewrite the past, but we can learn from it. We evolve and we adapt. Kailangan harapin ang bagong hamon ng may bagong tapang, isang bagong tapang na hinubog ng pandemya, and Ginebra San Miguel is one with the Filipinos and with the nation in building this new future,” Ginebra San Miguel Marketing Manager, Ron Molina, mused.

The pandemic crisis may have uncovered our weaknesses, but it has also unearthed a new kind of courage and strength that we had all along. It is this certain boldness that says, “I will start again even if it means beginning from bottom up”. It is a kind of valor that blooms on the grounds of humility and certainty to fight, despite seemingly daunting circumstances. Indeed, to succeed in this battle, we have to overcome uncertainty with a different kind of strength and resilience, and a new kind of courage.  

One thing is sure for all Filipinos: like the proverbial Phoenix, we will all rise from the ashes of this pandemic crisis and face a Covid19-free future that is ahead of us—better, stronger, braver.  /GC


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