Maytag Commercial Laundry PH launches new “Smart App” for online laundry services

OCTOBER 27, 2022

From hectic weekday schedules to jam-packed weekend errands, squeezing in some time to get the laundry done is quite a challenge for some people. But what if there’s a smart app that can make doing laundry a big load off your back?

Maytag Commercial Laundry Philippines has recently launched a new mobile application that aims to give laundry shop owners and customers a hassle-free laundry experience. They named it the Exatech Clean Pay App. This innovative app is one of the newest laundry-service apps to watch out for.  Not only does it benefit the users with full convenience but also opens more opportunities for laundry businesses.

Opportunity to Grow the Business is just a Few Clicks Away

Most full-time laundry shop owners don’t necessarily hire many employees and would instead want a hands-on approach in managing the business. With Exatech Clean Pay App, laundrypreneurs get to have full control of their day-to-day business operations through its unique features

Laundry shop owners can now monitor their business wherever they are. Among the benefits the app can offer are: (a) real-time monitoring of machine availability, (b) card reader reporting and machine statistics, and (c) tracking of machines’ wash and dry cycle count.

Sales and productivity monitoring as well as strategizing for the business are made easier when you have real-time access to operational reports. The accuracy in capturing data helps owners further improve their services and in turn grow their profits. 

The Exatech Clean Pay App is exclusively available for laundry shops that are equipped with Maytag Commercial Laundry Equipment. Thanks to the app, laundry businesses can finally level up their services in order to reach more customers and generate more revenue. 

Enhanced Customer Journey Equates to Repeat Sales

In a laundry business, customers pay a visit because of the services offered but they often come back because of the experience. Repeat sales are sure to follow when customer experience is prioritized.

Improving customers’ journey and retention can be a breeze with the help of the Exatech Clean Pay App. To get started, customers need to register with their e-mail addresses or mobile numbers on the app. Visiting the laundry shop to store services credits is required to be able to use the app. 

Among the many benefits customers will surely score as they download the app are saving time and energy, enjoying cashless transactions, and accurate tracking of usage history.

Customers who are too busy to wait in line to get their laundry done can now check the availability of machines in their chosen laundry shop prior to their visit. Through the app, they can easily cut the waiting game and do more errands in just a few clicks.

Customers no longer need to bring cash when washing their clothes. Payment for the availed services can be charged to the customers’ account by simply scanning the QR code in the shop. 

Tracking of laundry expenses have never been easier! Exatech Clean Pay App lets customers keep track of their usage history as well as remaining account balance so they would know when to have their services credits refilled. They can even check the peak times in their chosen laundry shop to manage their next visit. 

Maytag Commercial Laundry Philippines offers a wide selection of commercial and industrial laundry equipment such as washers, dryers, and stackable units. Their products come with 5-year limited warranty on motor, 3-year limited warranty on major parts and 1-year warranty on service backed up with excellent after-sales support of over 400 authorized service centers nationwide. Their products are available in their showrooms located in Quezon City, Legazpi, Davao, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, and in selected appliance stores. 

For more information, visit and follow Maytag Commercial Philippines on Facebook.

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