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Camille Co gets real on ‘mom guilt’ and parent-shaming

For mothers, no parenting journey is ever easy. This is especially true in the time of a pandemic, when there is that added responsibility to cushion the effects of bleak events so their household can keep a loving and peaceful atmosphere.

Fashion vlogger and entrepreneur Camille Co, a mother to her two-month-old girl, opens up about her birthing story in a video series by PLDT Home dubbed #NoMomLikeYou. The brand’s new series reveals real-life challenges that parents face today and calls on families to speak up, connect, and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

In the video, new mom Camille assures her fellow mothers that no matter how challenging it is to be a parent these days, in the eyes of their child, there is no mother like them.

Birthing story

“I started my family in the middle of the pandemic,” said Camille.

She adds, “It was a planned pregnancy, although we initially planned to get pregnant later on. But with the pandemic suddenly changing our lives and slowing down our pace in terms of work and all, we thought now is the perfect time to start our family and maybe by the time I give birth, things would be better.”

Overcoming ‘mom guilt’

“Mom guilt” is real and mothers should not be ashamed of admitting their emotions. A lot of new moms experience this anxious feeling when they worry about falling short of expectations. “It started right during my pregnancy,” shared Camille. “It would kick in when I would forget to eat on time, used products that may be bad for my baby, and the like. It was just maternal instincts to the highest level.”

According to Camille, overcoming ‘mom guilt’ is also a process. She said that being thankful for the little things, and enjoying every phase that she spends with her child, are ways that make her more appreciative of her own efforts as a mom.

Social Media Pressure

Despite the variety of reading materials about motherhood, there’s “no one size fits all” when parenting. “I only follow a few moms on social media, but I do read about parenting and discuss with my friends who are also mothers,” Camille reveals.

Being highly connected to social media and seeing a lot of picture-perfect families online, Camille reveals that it’s normal for parents to feel pressured. But she also reminds everyone that every mother is unique and her love for her children is enough. “I experienced some really bad days during the first few weeks with my newborn. I felt so down and guilty and just all in all, inadequate. But you know, when you finally arrive at the right headspace, you realize that you’re not a bad mom and you shouldn’t compare yourself to what you see online. There’s no such thing as picture-perfect but to our child, we are perfect and this is enough. We always give motherhood our best and we love our child the best way we know how,” shared Camille.

PLDT Home celebrates all moms as the brand continues to power every home with the fastest internet connection that enables them to work, learn, play and celebrate their unique parenting styles.

Watch and learn more about Camille Co’s parenting journey on PLDT Home’s YouTube channel here. You can also watch the full #NoMomLikeYou video series by clicking on below videos: