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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Fujidenzo washing machine

When shopping for appliances, it can be difficult to choose a washing machine that best suits your lifestyle. With different options available in the market, finding the right one for your laundry needs requires you to consider a lot of things – size, capacity, energy efficiency, durability, features, and more.

That is why Fujidenzo, one of the trusted appliance brands for home and business, offers a range of washing machines that have taken all these into account. Whether it is for a young professional, new homemaker or a growing family, Fujidenzo carries a wide selection of washing machines that you can choose from:

Fujidenzo washing machine

Fujidenzo Fully Auto Washer

Every wash is made effortless with a Fujidenzo Fully Auto Washer. This all-in-one unit is an excellent choice not only for city dwellers who lead a busy lifestyle but also for people living in rural areas.

Offering 8 different wash cycles, this washer guarantees to provide superior quality and better care for your clothes. From washing to spin drying, it has a single tub that does everything for you at the push of a button and you can expect that clothes are dried by 80% after every wash. Its Air Dry System ensures your clothes stay odor-free – making this washer perfect for those with limited drying space.

One innovative feature of this washer that makes it stand out from the rest is the Variable Water Pressure Technology. It is an advanced feature made primarily for areas with low water pressure, allowing the machine to operate even with 0.29 psi.

It is also built with a fabric conditioner dispenser and large LED Display for convenience and easier monitoring of your laundry’s progress.

Fujidenzo’s line of fully automatic washing machines is available in 6.5kg (JWA-6500VT), 7.5kg (JWA-7500VT), 8.5kg (JWA-8500VT), and 10.5 kg. (IJWA-1050VT) HD Inverter Fully Auto Washer.

Fujidenzo Twin Tub Washer

Multitasking between chores is made possible with a Fujidenzo Twin Tub Washer that’s ideal for busy individuals who want to increase productivity at a shorter time.

Heavy duty and compact, this washer is designed with separate tubs for washing and spinning clothes – allowing you to wash and dry clothes at the same time. It has an Air Dry System and Powerful Star-Fin Pulsator with Scrubbers for guaranteed neat and fresh clothes every wash. It also has an Eco-Soak Wash Cycle that helps you save up to 25% detergent and water.

Fujidenzo’s line of twin tub washing machines is available in 6 kg. (JWT-601), 7 kg. (JWT-701), 8 kg. (JWT-801), and 11 kg. (JWT-1100).

Fujidenzo washing machine

Fujidenzo Single Tub Washer

Experience efficient laundry days with a Fujidenzo Single Tub Washer. This is the perfect partner for first-time homeowners and even single individuals since it can be availed for a reasonable value.

An upgrade from hand washing, this washer is a huge time saver that is made to last with its heavy-duty design. Aside from having EcoSoak Wash Cycle and Powerful Star-Fin Pulsator, it also has an energy-efficient motor so you won’t have to worry about paying high electricity bills. Fujidenzo single tub washing machines are available in 6.8 kg. (JWS-680) and 7.8 kg. (BWS-780).

Fujidenzo Spin Dryer

If you are planning to get a Fujidenzo Single Tub Washer, it is best paired with a Fujidenzo Spin Dryer to keep your clothes dry and fresh.

This dryer offers several advantages: Stainless Steel Tub for durability, Advanced PowerSpin Technology for enhanced efficiency, and Super Quiet Operation for peaceful laundry sessions. And on top of these, it is also energy-efficient as it only consumes 0.19-centavo electricity cost per use based on the test results of Meralco Power Lab. Fujidenzo spin dryer is available in 6.8 kg. (JSD-681) and 8 kg. (JSD-801).

Indeed, Fujidenzo lets you experience the maximum convenience and functionality of owning a washing machine at home. Supported by over 400 service centers nationwide, Fujidenzo washers and dryers come with a one-year warranty on parts and service. To know more, drop by their main showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Legazpi, Palawan, or any leading appliance stores nationwide. Visit their website at or their Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances.


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