#SolaireisSafeForYou: Treat yourself to worry free luxury and comfort

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Solaire #SolaireisSafeForYou

We are living in unprecedented times, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t still important to take a break every now and again. “Taking a break” may mean different things to different people. It may mean taking the time to read your favorite book or going out and treating yourself to a good meal. Whatever a break may mean to you, leaving the house has become a risky undertaking. It has become difficult to trust whether or not you will be safe in a location other than your home. 

With the fear that the pandemic has brought, Solaire continues to be “committed to delivering exceptional Solaire experiences without compromising your safety.” For Solaire, “nothing is left to chance.” #SolaireisSafeForYou. 

Accredited safety guidelines and procedures

From luxury to comfort, and everything in between, Solaire makes sure to adhere to globally standardized health and hygiene protocols. 

Solaire #SolaireisSafeForYou

 Garnering the Department of Tourism’s Safety Seal Certification and becoming the first recipient of the Thomas Edison Recognition Award from Intertek Philippines shows the brand’s commitment that excellence and safety remain to be its priorities. 

Certified with the World Travel & Tourism #SafeTravels Stamp plus the Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED with Forbes Travel Guide badge, you can rest easy knowing that Solaire is ready to welcome you back and see you enjoy exceptional experiences with confidence and peace of mind knowing that #SolaireisSafeForYou. 

Proceeding rigorous cleaning and sanitizing, surfaces and items are tested by Solaire’s Hygiene team. All surfaces and items are swabbed and tested with a luminometer to determine the presence of bacteria. 

Latest hygiene and UVC technology  

As a five-star integrated resort, Solaire goes beyond industry standards and adopts innovative solutions to hygiene and sanitation. Aside from detailed disinfection and frequent hygiene testing, Solaire continues to invest in world class technologies. 

The TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 is a fully automated cleaning robot that roams around the property to make it doubly safe and clean. With the TASKI SWINGOBOT 2000 roaming the floor, expect a safe and spotless environment where you may enjoy all the things you love at Solaire, worry-free. 

Solaire #SolaireisSafeForYou

Solaire’s world-class safety practices pay close attention to detail, right down to the air you breathe. In preparation for welcoming back its guests, Solaire went through a meticulous process of improvement which began as early as July of 2020. And in October of the same year, the resort unveiled a fully operational upgraded air-conditioning filtration system with high-performing UVC technology which is considered as the benchmark in sterilization. This colossal mechanism is tasked to ensure that the indoor air quality in all 100% of the property remains outstanding – from the team member offices, every hallway, both hotel towers, as well as the entirety of the casino, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and the guest areas. It filters the air and prevents microbes (e.g. viruses, bacteria, etc.) from replicating, and can kill up to 99.9% of pathogens. 

Taking the extra step of installing UVC light technology in its air-conditioning filtration system, every five-star experience in Solaire is a breath of fresh air.

Luxury dining and risk-free thrills 

Solaire goes above and beyond to keep its kitchens and restaurants as clean and hygienic as possible. Equipped with strict social distancing protocols, regular deep cleaning of tables and chairs (with Diversey’s Suma J512), electrostatic sprayers, and UVC light, Solaire creates a redefined and worry-free dining experience where guests can delight in exquisite delicacies and impeccable service in total comfort.

Indulge in Solaire’s culinary delights in total comfort, know that with each mouth-watering bite you take, #SolaireisSafeForYou. 

Solaire’s gaming areas remain the safest bet with its use of antimicrobial nanocoating for table surfaces, down to the disinfecting of gaming chips with UVC technology. Open tables and slot machine placements have also been adjusted to allow for social distancing. 

Solaire’s detailed and round-the-clock disinfection procedures ensure that your gaming experience remains safe and secure at all times.  

Solaire is “taking no chances when it comes to your safety”. Close attention is paid to every room, surface and even each breath of air that you take within the premises. Consider Solaire for the next time you want to treat yourself because  #SolaireisSafeForYou.

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