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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Camille Prats with her husband John Yambao. Image: Instagram/@camilleprats

Due to the pandemic, actress-TV host Camille Prats has to do workouts with her husband VJ Yambao inside their home. She then found out that this helped improve their relationship as a married couple.

Prats spoke about the benefits of working out together in her Instagram page last Thursday, July 22, where she showed a post-workout photo with her husband.

“Since the pandemic happened, one of the things we enjoyed and still enjoy doing together so that we could be productive while being locked up at home is working out [which we didn’t know we would enjoy], we get to challenge and motivate each other, spot our forms and push each other to finish strong,” she said.

Prats also noticed some improvements in their relationship as husband and wife, on how they relate and talk to each other.

“May pa post workout evaluation pa kami, we talk about which parts [ache] more, how we enjoyed a specific workout and so on,” she revealed. “Finding something to do together has helped us communicate better.”


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She explained that when a couple has been together for a long time, “you run out of things to talk about, everything becomes a routine, find something you can share with your partner that you are both passionate about. It helps to keep conversations flowing, you start by talking about common interests and then eventually talk about each other and how you can improve as partners.”

Opening up is the hardest part, according to Prats, because it can lead to “opening more doors of topics that [go] beyond working out into relationship talks,” which is sometimes hard.

“Then you’ll realize you have everything you need in your partner, husband/workout buddy/best friend,” she said.

Prats and Yambao have three children, Nathan, Nala and Nolan. Nathan is Prats’ son with her late first husband Anthony Linsangan. JB


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