Real talk: Jollibee Chickenjoy is still the Philippines’ joy and pride
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Jollibee ChickenJoy

Real talk: Jollibee Chickenjoy is still the Philippines’ joy and pride

Filipinos have long conquered the global scene with creativity, talent, and determination. From our contributions to the world of films, musicales, beauty competitions, academic or culinary battles and recently, sports, our race has indeed countless noteworthy contributions to the world. But when one thinks about food, there is one Filipino staple that has taken the world by storm: Jollibee Chickenjoy!

Most Filipinos grew up with this familiar Crispylicious, Juicylicious fried chicken. Through the years, its classic taste has brought so much joy to so many Filipino families. Birthdays become memorable with the joyful bee dancing to the latest hit. Now, this flavorsome fried chicken has made noise with its raging growth in the international scene. Indeed, this unstoppable Filipino food chain and its delicious fried chicken has won the hearts and palates of many Filipinos and foreigners, anywhere around the world.

Jollibee recently launched a new TV commercial and digital video that showcase the reason why Chickenjoy has grown to be a world-class game changer. The ad features three equally iconic and multi-awarded entertainment personalities—Aga Mulach, Anne Curtis, Pia Wurtzbach—who can best represent the three reasons why Chickenjoy is truly the Joy and Pride of the Philippines. These well-loved household names who happen to also be proud Jollibee brand ambassadors, sat down for a Chickenjoy special talk show ( and discussed the many reasons why Jollibee is our source of joy and pride.  

Joy of Family 

Child star turned matinee idol Aga Mulach represents Chickenjoy as the “Joy of family”. Aga is a proud endorser of Jollibee, being with the brand for three decades. He did his first Jollibee commercial while he was young, and up until he married and started a family with beauty queen Charlene Gonzales, he is still with the brand. Aga is grateful, happy, and beaming with so much pride that even his wife and children Andres and Atasha are now part of the Jollibee family.  


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Aga endorsed the Champ, the Burgersteak, and yes, Chickenjoy. He looks back with so much fondness how Jollibee has grown exponentially. “I was there when Jollibee opened its first store abroad, that’s how long and strong our bond is. So, man, it’s Chickenjoy forever,” Aga declared.  His favorite part of Chickenjoy is the drumstick, apparent in his classic bite of the chicken leg in all his Jollibee commercials.  Chickenjoy has played a massive part in bringing families together over the years. From Jollibee parties, family reunions, to being the default pasalubong, Chickenjoy serves as a great family bonding meal. “I know first-hand the ability of Chickenjoy to bring families together, as my own family loves to bond over a bucket of Chickenjoy. I’m proud that it brings people closer together across the world,” Aga said.  

It has almost been a tradition how Filipino families would bond and share unforgettable moments over a Chickenjoy bucket or two. And now, because of the strict health protocols, families can still enjoy the Crispylicious and Juicylicious Chickenjoy in the comfort of their homes via delivery, take-out, or drive thru. It is during all of these experiences, that families get to talk, reconnect, and make memories together, while to allowing everyone to become closer over the best-tasting fried chicken. “Jollibee has been imprinted in the hearts and lives of all Filipinos,” Aga shared.


Joy of famous taste

Film actress and celebrated TV host Anne Curtis has the perfect personality to represent Chickenjoy for the “Joy of famous taste”. She has gained fame and recognition, obvious with her million followers on all social media platforms.  Anne’s delight in the goodness of every Chickenjoy bite is a testament to its world-famous, absolutely unique, and truly delicious taste, the same reason why Jollibee is touted as the “Home of the Famous Chickenjoy” outside the Philippines.  “Truly it is the best. I’ve had many different fried chickens, but there’s really nothing that compares to the Crispylicious and Juicylicious Chickenjoy. I’m proud that a lot of people both in the Philippines and abroad agree that it’s undeniably great-tasting fried chicken,” she said.

Anne confessed that her love for Jollibee started when her mother introduced Chickenjoy to her when they would come home to visit the Philippines. She also had her fair share of celebrating birthdays through a Jollibee Kids Party in a Jollibee store. Ever since she has tasted Chickenjoy as a kid, it became the best ever fried chicken for her. “Crispylicious, Juicylicious, no one could compare to that, even if I tasted several different other brands, or even if my husband makes really good fried chicken. It’s still Chickenjoy for me,” Anne shared. 


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Anne looked back with nostalgia and love that her career which started in a humble Jollibee store.  The It Girl also comes in full circle as she was serendipitously discovered while eating at a Jollibee store in 1997. She was only 12 then.  A Filipino balikbayan from Australia, she was on her way home from an enrollment interview at a school in Makati, and they stopped by at their usual Jollibee branch in Boni Highway to have merienda.. There, a talent scout approached her and asked if she wanted to be a commercial model and the rest is history. “So, whenever I pass by Jollibee along Boni, you know, the stars aligned on that day somehow and when I was already in show business and started getting endorsements, I kept on telling myself: when will Jollibee ask me to be their endorser? Do they know that they started everything for me?” Anne recalled laughingly. Then it finally happened; Anne was asked to do a campaign for Burger Steak in 2018, 20 years after that eventful day. 

Having been raised in Australia, Anne is proud how people abroad love Chickenjoy and Jollibee just as much as Filipinos do. She is also proud of the culture, heritage, and achievements of all Filipinos. “It makes me proud to be an endorser of the Filipino fast-food brand, which is known for its best tasting fried chicken, Chickenjoy,” Anne said. “Once Filipinos have achieved something, the whole country will be proud. So, when it comes to Jollibee, knowing how much it has achieved with its fried chicken, it’s makes us all so proud,” she added.  

Joy of Filipino pride

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach represents Chickenjoy for the “Joy of Filipino Pride”, as she has brought pride to the Philippines after being crowned as the Miss Universe 2015. Foreigners love it for its highly sought-after experience, while Filipinos abroad always look for it because it gives them a much-needed taste of home.  Pia starred in the Tuna Pie commercial two years ago and to be the one of the faces of Chickenjoy now makes her even more proud.   “You know you’ve made it when they call you and they say that they want you to be the face of the Chickenjoy. It’s such an honor and it’s so easy to talk about Chickenjoy when it’s really part of your life” she gushed. 


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Pia loves Chickenjoy which has been a constant part of all the phases she went through in life. Like Anne, she also celebrated memorable birthday parties as a kid in Jollibee and would feel giddy each time she stood beside a Jollibee mascot. In high school, Pia would usually go to the Jollibee branch in ABS-CBN after class. Each time she has achieved something, like winning a competition, Jollibee was a well-deserved reward. And whenever she goes abroad, she makes it a point to look for a Jollibee branch and compare menu with the Philippines.  And as soon as she sinks her teeth into the Crispylicious and Juicylicious Chickenjoy, she is instantly transported back home. 

During the Miss Universe pageant, she shared: “I never felt homesick because we would always drive by a Jollibee in New York. I also let my friends try and I wait for their reactions,” the Queen P recounted. “Whenever I am abroad, I also ask if there’s a Jollibee in that specific place. And when I find out there is, I feel like a winner!” she added. Like many Filipinos, whenever she sees a Jollibee store abroad, she sees herself, the Filipino people, and our heritage. And the fact that it’s being recognized abroad because the taste and the experience alone, makes her happy. “As a Filipino, I’m proud that many people around the world love Chickenjoy as much as we do,” Pia narrated.

During her reign as Miss Universe, Pia would relentlessly talk about Jollibee a lot (Despite not being an endorser yet then) and because she kept talking about it, people in her group chat gave her the pet name ‘Jollibee’ and would send her the bee icon online. Thus, she lightheartedly joked: “Forget about Miss Universe, just call me Jollibee!” 

Jollibee ChickenJoy

Jollibee’s global impact

Jollibee, the largest fast food chain brand in the Philippines with a network of more than 1,400 stores, has embarked on an aggressive international expansion. With more than 300 international branches (and counting), Jollibee has found homes in the United States, Canada, Europe in the UK and Italy, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia.  What started as a quaint ice cream parlor in Cubao has become a part of the Filipino culture and heritage and has evolved to be a global fast-food giant that continues to relentlessly conquer the world. 

The late Anthony Bourdain loved Chickenjoy. Foodbeast cited the Chickenjoy as the third best fried chicken in United States. YouTube Food Vlogger Mike Chen cannot get enough of it. And for Anne, Pia, Aga, and the rest of us who fell in love with Jollibee Chickenjoy, we agree that it is simply the best-tasting chicken here in the Philippines and abroad.  Indeed, Chickenjoy has gifted all foodies around the world with so much joy and pride. It comes as no surprise, then, why this iconic fried chicken is currently a surefire global sensation.

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