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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Isabel Oli. Image: Instagram/@isabeloliprats

Actress Isabel Oli-Prats thinks that anything someone does will always merit a reaction, whether good or bad, echoing the “damn if you do, damn if you don’t” saying.

Prats believes that it is human nature to give judgment as per her Instagram post today, Sept. 26, where she spoke about how to deal with people finding mistakes on others.

“Give God what you can’t control is prolly one of the best advices I received when dealing with difficult people or situation,” she said.

“You do bad, people will judge you. You do good, criticism isn’t far off,” she added. “Worse, people will tend to forget the good things you’ve done and focus on the bad still.”

Prats admitted that her patience has been tested many times as “God has been dealing with me constantly on this area.” When faced with this kind of predicament, she has been continually reminded to be “STILL and to always be kind regardless.”

“Though sometimes I fail, by God’s help, I am able to pick up where I left off, move on and learn from my mistakes,” she said.

Prats shared that in one of the Sunday Christian services she attended, she heard, “Our real enemy is the devil and not each other.” This made her realize what she should do when faced with people who find fault.

“Let’s continue to remember who our real enemy is and instead of judging and criticizing, extend love and grace to each other. Wouldn’t it be better to live our lives that way?” the actress asked. “May we always have the desire help each other and build each other up.” JB


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