Tipanan Restaurant: Tagaytay’s newest Tagpuan for great tasting food
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Tipanan Restaurant: Tagaytay’s newest Tagpuan for great tasting food

Tagaytay has always been a favorite destination of folks from Metro Manila. What with its cool climate, fantastic sites, nature-filled activities- and, of course, delicious eats.

These innate qualities of Tagaytay have given it the natural ability to draw in visitors, whether it’s families coming together for a wedding; friends looking to chill together; or companies out for that all important team building. 

Tipanan Managing Partners- Ovah Rumohr and Rolando Hortaleza

Such gatherings are what makes Tipanan Restaurant the must place to meet and dine in Tagaytay.

Tipanan Restaurant

Tipanan sits on a prime site that does not choke you with traffic or small parking spaces. In fact, it allows for so much breathing room and feeling of privacy as the restaurant is located a good distance from where the noise and crowds are. The in-house, al-fresco dining hub of Hortz Hotel, Tipanan sits regally in front of a well-maintained property adorned with lush greens all around. The great thing about Tipanan is that it welcomes early risers- and serves you up to dinner.


Those looking to start off their day right can go for Tipanan Bacon and Eggs- house thick cut smoked bacon served with garlic dip. 

Hamonado Bacon and Eggs and Tipanan Bacon and Eggs

Appetizers, which they call Pampagana, sets you off to a great meal. There’s their Cripsy Tawilis, Shrimp Gambas and Beef Salpicao- but if there’s one item on the menu which definitely stands out is the Hortz Chicharon, an heirloom family recipe.  Bite-size pieces of chicharon which packs so much flavor you will hate to share.

Tipanan Restaurant
Hortz Chicharon

Then, of course, as a seeming ode to the Filipinos’ love for social gatherings, Tipanan serves the perfect “share-able” dish: The Tipanan Pancit mixed- which features a medley of protein- from pork, chicken to shrimp stirred well with vegetables and stir-fried rice sticks. Then, of course, rice lovers as Filipinos are, there’s the Tinapa Rice Platter to complement any dish. 

Pork lovers can take a hefty pinch off the Crispy Pata- which has been marinated overnight or their Grilled Liempo which combines both smokey and sweet flavors.

Grilled Liempo

But Tipanan knocks it off the park with their Hortz Bulares- braised beef shank in pares style stew- which they pair lovingly with garlic onion soup. With its chili garlic sauce, that’s not too overpowering, the flavors of this melt-in your mouth shank comes out effortlessly.

Tipanan Restaurant
Hortz Bulares

For their Sinabawan, they don’t only just serve Tagaytay’s staple fare- the Bulalo- they also serve Sinigang na Baboy and Sinigang na Hipon- plus the Halaan sa Luya’t Tanglad. Seafood eaters will also have a pleasant story or two to tell when they order the Escabecheng Pla-Pla- or deep fried binukadkad na tilapia in sweet and sour sauce.

While you may not want to drown these spectacular flavors down, take a pick from their fruit juices- green and ripe mango, pineapple and watermelon- to rinse off your palate between bites.

Fruit Juices like Green and Ripe Green Mango

For their panghimagas, the Hortz Halo-Halo certainly wins with its fluffy shaved milky ice mixed with your favorite sweetened fruits. Or dare to be adventurous and take a shot of their Krispy Halo-Halo- this traditional summer dessert that’s served fried! (you’re in for a surprise when you slice through its flaky core).

Tipanan’s menu is vast as it is delicious. As impressive, though, is its service where everyone greets you with a grin and warmth- yet such professionalism- that you instantly know you’re in for a meal that you will never forget. 

Ovah Rumohr, Managing Partner of Tipanan Restaurant shares “We want to offer customers an alternative place where they can relax, dine with the best food that Tagaytay is known for- in an ambiance that is both homey and hip. We want all generations to feel right at home. Here, there is a spot just for everyone for every occasion and every celebration”.

Tipanan Restaurant

So, make Tipanan Restaurant your newest “tagpuan’. At Tipanan, you just don’t meet family, friends and colleagues- you gather and dine over great meals at the “hapag-kainan” and form memories that last a lifetime.

Tipanan Restaurant is located along Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Kaybagal South, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite. They are open for breakfast until dinner and adhere strictly to safety and health protocols.  


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