Personal Collection to lead in the Global fight against plastic wastes
Personal Collection

Personal Collection to lead in the Global fight against plastic wastes

Written by: Kenneth M . del Rosario

The Philippines commemorated World Cleanup Day last September 18, 2021, with Pinoy divers taking the initiative in removing plastic bags, drink bottles, and fishing nets from a coral reef site in  Batangas. This annual cleanup was repeated all over the world that aimed to highlight the impact of garbage on the world’s oceans.

With the Philippines ranking as the world’s third-largest source of pollution, our country, an archipelago of more than 7,600 islands with nearly 36,300 km (22,555 miles) of coastline and one of the world’s richest in marine resources, is in peril if plastic pollution remains unabated.  

Personal Collection (PC), a Filipino-owned company engaged in direct selling, is committed to doing its share with its “A Green Life is A Great Life” movement that pioneered the use of biodegradable containers for its products. These materials are expected to decompose in landfills within approximately 5 to 10 years—a far cry and a more ecological solution than the standard plastic bottles which could take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate.

“Our biodegradable packaging is manufactured in a way that it does not alter the shelf-life properties or compromise the quality of our products. It can be reused and recycled many times. When disposed of properly, it is expected to end up in landfills and decompose completely into natural elements that won’t cause harm to the people and the environment. It can also be used to produce biogas, a sustainable source of energy that can power vehicles, homes, and businesses,”  said Rolly Plata, PC Head of Research and Development.  

Many companies around the world know that biodegradable is the answer. PC is the first to fully embrace this alternative product packaging here in the Philippines. Today, PC is ranked among the leading companies with the most number of biodegradable containers being manufactured in the world.

Willie “Jun” Evangelista, Jr., Chairman of PC’s Board of Directors, reaffirmed the company’s commitment to sustain and energize the country’s efforts in stopping plastic pollution year-round. “This is a very big investment for us, but it won’t stop us from doing the right thing. If business leaders will work hard for their goals while caring for the only world we live in, then everyone can have their dreams realized for years to come —a mark of a successful enterprise,” Evangelista said. 

This is just the beginning of PC’s lifelong commitment to protecting the environment. PC has also been raising awareness on various platforms while educating Filipino communities about proper waste disposal and other environmentally responsible practices.

“We all know that plastic pollution is a big environmental problem especially here in our country,  which is what pushed us to make the big switch to use of biodegradable packaging, starting with our home care brands. From the conceptualization down to the manufacturing and selling of our products, we want to make sure that we consider the environment. And we want to be a company that will do everything to improve the lives of Filipino families and provide them opportunities to make responsible choices to help nurture the world we live in,” he said.

Today, PC’s dealers, employees, and countless Filipino families are living the Green Life, which is all about making responsible choices for the environment and future generations.

“Our #GreenLifeGreatLife cause is central to the environmental responsibility efforts of PC. At the same time, it is positioned to complement the company’s long-term plans for growth. As a  company, we believe that sustainability and innovation are key in sustaining this commitment,” said  Jerome Tuguin, Personal Collection President and CEO.  The hope is that more companies would follow in Personal Collection’s footsteps and also make the same commitment, which benefits each and every Filipino in the country.

Learn more about Personal Collection and its products here and its biodegradable packaging by watching this video.