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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Imagine being locked somewhere. Feelings will surely arise—anxiety, boredom, existential crisis, name it all.

In these trying times, there is no ideal thing to do to be productive. We all have different ways to deal with this pandemic. One recommendation or suggestion that could be effective for someone might not be for someone else.

We go and face different phases of ourselves during these times. Achieving a small thing could mean a lot to someone and that should always be celebrated and given some credit.

Looking and searching for the things that will make us happy during these hard times could take time. But they could turn every scene into a more fulfilling one. Tough situations will surely arise and slap us in our faces, but the good thing is that we could turn into a tougher version of ourselves. Learning the hard way is still learning.

Doing what we love

There are instances when the only thing that saves us from drowning are things that will not be appreciated by everyone around us. But it should not hinder us from doing our stuff, doing what we love.

People say that they do not like writing. Funny how I used to feel that way, too, even though I was already a journalism major. I tried to move away from writing anything, including poems which I’ve always loved. But now, writing plays a big part in me, in so many ways.

I am happy how my interest in writing grows even in times of doubt. The more I doubt myself, the more I write. There is something in writing that makes me feel alive and allows me to survive. Writing gives me the courage to become more myself and not what other people want to see. I am proud that after all that I’ve been through, such as having the fear of writing again and too many anxiety attacks, I’m still here.

The words call me, the words whisper my name. I may not always fit in the places where I wanted to belong, but through writing, I’ve been able to find myself. I belong in my words and this wonderful art belongs to me.


The author is a third-year BA Journalism student.

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