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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Once again it’s Halloween, and our second one under lockdown, at that. While we’re still at home in our pambahay and limiting our physical interaction with the rest of the world, we’re still in the mood to dress up and pretend we’re someone (or something) else, even just for a night. This tradition dates back to more than 2,000 years ago, when Celtic people disguised themselves to ward off spirits. In a way, that’s what we’re trying to do right now, dressing up to stave off bad vibes.

We’ve come up with easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas for adults inspired by pop culture, Hollywood and, uhm, Joe Biden’s oathtaking ceremony. These looks can be worn at intimate family gatherings or Zoom parties.

Alexandra Trese with Crispin and Basilio —NETFLIX PHOTO

Olivia Rodrigo on the cover of the “Sour” album. There’s nothing more effortless than wearing a costume that can be easily put together with basic pieces that are already in the closet and sticker sheets from the arts and crafts drawer.

Steal the Gen Z queen’s iconic look by wearing a baby pink (or white) tank top, high-waisted miniskirt and a silver necklace. Attach a bunch of stickers all over the face. Go for a variety of stickers like butterflies, stars, ice cream, smileys and studded gems. Use alphabet stickers to complete the “sour” look.

Alexandra Trese and the Kambal. Okay, so maybe a black trench coat may not be a closet staple, especially in this tropical country. But the occult investigator look can be hacked with a black blazer, maxi skirt and black shoes. Don’t skip the eyeliner and mascara. But what really defines Trese’s look are those iconic V-shaped bangs.

Good for you if you have stickers in your drawer because the Olivia Rodrigo “Sour” look is all about those arts and crafts stickies. —@OLIVIA RODRIGO INSTAGRAM

Crispin and Basilio’s getup also require a specific wardrobe—gray suit, black shirt, and white tie, but one could always switch the suit for a jacket. Their stylized theater masks, though, are easier to make, using white folders.

Bernie Sanders during Joe Biden’s swearing-in ceremony. It’s the look that launched a thousand memes. The United States senator, during the cold January inauguration day, was captured sitting on the bleachers, bundled up in a taupe jacket and wool mittens. Sanders’ “grumpy chic” look can easily be recreated with a dark green/gray parka or puffy jacket, some mittens, black pants and the ubiquitous blue and white surgical mask. All that’s left to do is sit on a chair and channel that Sanders energy.

“Squid Game.” We would be remiss if we didn’t include one of the most talked about shows of 2021. Reuters reported that the high demand for tracksuits is giving South Korea’s garment industry a much-needed boost. Replicas of the players’ green jackets and joggers (complete with the number) are already a dime a dozen on e-commerce sites. There are even costumes for furbabies, so we won’t be surprised if the color of this year’s Halloween is green.

But the outfits of the other characters are memorable as well. Take the giant animatronic killer doll for example. It’s easy to get the look with a yellow shirt with a collar and an orange sleeveless dress. Style your hair into pigtails and use purple hair ties if available.

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star has served memorable looks throughout the years, but her head-to-toe all-black Balenciaga outfit at the recent Met Gala is one for the books. According to People Magazine, an online fashion retailer has already made a version of Kardashian’s look for $100. But really, it can be recreated with tights, a plain, oversized black shirt (or little black dress) and a mask that can be made using old pantyhose or stockings. INQ

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