S&B’s Golden Curry sauce mix, other spice and condiment products, officially available in the Philippines
Golden Curry New Hatchin

S&B’s Golden Curry sauce mix, other spice and condiment products, officially available in the Philippines

S&B’s (SPICE & HERB) delicious Golden Curry sauce mix, which has been an important ingredient in cooking the Japanese Curry and other sumptuous meals for years, is now available in the Philippines.

Free of meat derivatives, the Golden Curry features rich aroma of spices and herbs, making it a beloved staple in many household and restaurants. It’s a versatile sauce that turns any ordinary dish into an awesome meal. It can be used as sauce for just about anything—potatoes, meat dishes, or even as dipping sauce for steamed veggies.


“Curry is one plate dish that you eat with rice, vegetables, meat or seafood,” said Iga Keisuke of S&B International. Aside from being a healthy dish, curry is best enjoyed when many ingredients are mixed together and cooked in a big pot. With the Filipino’s ingenuity in culinary and the rich local ingredients, it’s exciting to see the the local’s unique take on the curry.

S&B, Japan’s number one producer of spice, condiments and herbs, has appointed New Hatchin as the exclusive distributor of its products in the Philippines.

New Hatchin S&B


Aside from inventing Japan’s first curry powder and the world’s first wasabi paste tube, S&B is also known for its Nanami chili pepper and Layu. It’s very common to find S&B condiments placed on the table in Japanese restaurants, as they are often used to add flavor to any ramen and gyoza. Moreover, S&B products have been well adopted in many dishes such as in curry, chahan, yakitori, tonkatsu with Karashi or yellow mustard. Nanami chili pepper even works wonderfully with local dishes such as in sisig and tokwa’t baboy.

New Hatchin S&B

Other amazing products that New Hatchin wants to introduce in the market is S&B’s All in one Salt & Pepper, S&B Crunchy Garlic and S&B Yakiniku Seasoning Mix, which are bound to add a new layer of deliciousness in every meal.

“This is a milestone for our company and with the exclusive distribution agreement – the popular S&B products will be effectively promoted and distributed to enhance broader brand awareness to the market. We hope to reach every Filipino household with S&B products,” Alfie Piamonte, operation director at New Hatchin.

S&B products will soon be available at local supermarkets, New Hatchin groceries, and online store.