Shake off the idea that your gift must be something expensive or over the top

Shake off the idea that your gift must be something expensive or over the top

The Season of Giving is finally here, and you know what that means—it’s time to go gift  shopping for the people you love! Shake off the idea that your gift must be something  expensive or over the top; get your loved ones gifts that not only they will love, but that help spread positive impact beyond them. Yes, it’s possible! 

This holiday season, Unilever has partnered with Watsons to launch their biggest  sustainability project yet—Gift for Good: Share to people, Care for the Planet. For these  brands, Christmas isn’t just about giving to loved ones. It is also about supporting the  disadvantaged and our Earth through the little things we do.

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Complete your gift-giving feels and get on Santa Claus’ “Good list” by leaving a positive  impact to the people (and possibly even the world) around you during Unilever and  Watsons’ “Gift for Good” megasale campaign, with products committed to sharing beauty  beyond just oneself and confidence and care for the environment.  

Proceeds from this campaign will help support Watsons’ partner, Plastic Bank, an  international non-profit organization that provides a livelihood to the breadwinners of  underprivileged families. With this, the organization supports more than 1500+ Filipinos as  plastic collectors, who help advance the mission of environmental sustainability

Now that you know about Gift for Good, how can you join this movement? It’s quite easy.  You can start with your own trend of gift giving for the holidays, by opting for more practical  gift choices that can benefit your loved ones, communities in need, and most especially the  environment.  

The Gift for Good campaign offers a wide range of discounts, FREE SHIPPING, CASHBACKS,  and even “Buy 1 Get 1” deals from the best of Unilever Beauty, so better grab this opportunity! Remember, not only will it benefit you, your wallet, and your loved ones, but also Plastic  Bank and their beneficiaries. Talk about some good deals and vibes over here! 

This is all part of Unilever and Watsons’ vision of a people and planet-positive future, which  they hope to share with all Filipinos.  

“Year-round, Unilever is committed to championing a new era of Positive Beauty: one that is  inclusive, equitable, and sustainable for all. As the number 1 beauty and personal care  company in the country, we must do good for both people and planet through our  purposeful brands,” says Dorothy Dee-Ching, Unilever PH’s Vice President of Beauty and  Personal Care. She also added that this Christmas season allows Unilever to push their vision  even further, all thanks to their partnership with Watsons.  

“Watsons has always been at the forefront of sustainability. As a leading health and beauty  retailer in the country, we have a responsibility to help build a better world and encourage  others to do the same. We are happy to team up with Unilever for the Gift for Good campaign this Christmas season,” says Watsons PR and Sustainability Director Viki  Encarnacion.  

Uphold some positive beauty in your Christmas gift shopping, get yourself on Santa’s good  list and don’t miss Unilever and Watsons’ Gift for Good megasale campaign and other  promos happening this November 19-30, December 20-31. You can purchase these gifts  through Watsons website and Watsons stores near you. BrandRoom/GP