Ultimate laundry care with Whirlpool’s widest selection of washing machines

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool has always been a top-of-mind brand when it comes to washing machines.

Back in 1911, Louis and Emory Upton pioneered the first ever electric wringer washing machines. This invention has become the foundation of Whirlpool Corporation, and the first step that brought the advanced washing machines we have in our homes today.

Over the years, Whirlpool has managed to create appliances suited for any household and continuously specializes in producing washing machines that deliver ultimate laundry care. To help you find the perfect laundry companion, here is the full lineup of Whirlpool’s wide variety of washing machines in the Philippine market:

Heavy Duty US-Washing Machines and Dryers

Whirlpool washing machines

Whirlpool is a frontrunner in producing US-trusted appliances that are known to be durable and reliable.  One best example is the Atlantis series that is made with galvanized steel body and stainless steel drum that can handle heavy laundry loads. In the center of the drum is a Dual Action Agitator that rotates clothes in an up-down motion to ensure that every fabric is free of dirt and stains.

This washer can be paired with the Atlantis Dryer that’s equipped with an AccuDry System that adjusts the heat level based on how moist the garments are. This prevents shrinking and tearing – helping you get freshly laundered and damaged-free clothes every time.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

Whirlpool washing machines

There’s a good reason why most busy homeowners prefer top load washers. This type offers utmost convenience as it completes the whole soak-wash-rinse-spin dry cycle in just a press of a button. Everything is done in a single tub without having to manually transfer the clothes as you dry them. Top load fully automatic washers provide more mechanical action to guarantee better wash performance.

Whirlpool carries a variety of options for fully-auto washers: the Bloomwash InverterPlus series is built with a Direct Drive Inverter Motor connected to the drum, making way for more stable and efficient wash cycles.

Another series is the Stainwash Ultra that is equipped with Stainwash Technology, capable of removing up to 25 kinds of stubborn stains such as coffee, oil, ink, and more.

Both of these series have a 60°C Hot Wash Cycle that is essential in sanitizing clothes, especially those that were worn outside. Hot water ensures that bacteria and viruses that may have accumulated on your clothes throughout the day are removed.

For a cost-friendly option, the Eco 6th Sense series is available with an Energy Saver Cycle that uses 50% less electricity and 30% less water compared to a normal wash cycle.

Front Load Washing Machines and Dryers

Whirlpool washing machines

After a long day, the last thing you need is a huge pile of dirty clothes waiting for you. To save more on time, you can let the Whirlpool Radiant InverterPlus series take care of your laundry needs. Front load washers are well-known for their low water consumption and gentle laundry treatment that make it ideal for delicate fabrics. Aside from the subtle manner of washing clothes, this product also helps you save space as it can be stacked with the Radiant Electric Dryer. This lets you enjoy the benefit of having separate appliances that occupy the same space. This also makes it easier to multi-task since you can run two loads at the same time.

For extra protection, the washer is equipped with an 80°C Hot Wash Cycle while the dryer has various Dry Cycles for every type of fabric. You also have the option of safely drying your shoes with the help of the Shoe Rack inside the drum that prevents it from moving around during a cycle.

If you prefer to have a machine that washes and fully dries laundry in a single drum for a hassle-free experience, then check out the Optima Washer-Dryer Combo. Unlike a regular fully-auto washer that only dries clothes by 80%, this combo offers 100% drying results at the end of the cycle. And if you’re too busy to take your garments out after the cycle is finished, its Freshcare+ Technology creates gentle tumble movements for up to 6 hours to prevent wrinkles and odor from forming.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

Whirlpool washing machines

Twin tub washing machines are still very common in Filipino households. Aside from being an economical option, twin tub washers are chosen for their simplicity and water-saving benefits. By having to fill the drum manually, this washer allows total control over how much water to spend in every cycle, making this suited for areas with water shortage.

Ideal for big families with huge laundry requirements, the Whirlpool Ace XL series is equipped with 3D Scrub Technology that provides triple motion inside the drum to remove stubborn stains and dirt. For starting families, the WhiteMagic series is available in smaller capacities and a white-colored body for a more classic look.

Whirlpool washing machines

Each Whirlpool laundry appliance comes with a promise of ultimate laundry care at the lowest cost, and this is made possible through innovations like the unique 6th Sense Technology.  This feature detects the soil level of every load to automatically provide the best laundry performance along with maximum energy savings. To prove the energy saving benefits of their products, selected Whirlpool laundry appliances have undergone Meralco Powerlab testing and based on the results, per wash cycle costs as low as P1.59 for the Atlantis series, P0.49 for the Bloomwash InverterPlus series, P1.00 for the Stainwash Ultra, P0.31 for the Eco 6th Sense series, and P0.66 for the Radiant InverterPlus series.

Supported by over 400 service centers nationwide, the US washer series has a warranty of 2 years on parts and 1 year on service, while the fully-automatic top load, front load, and twin tub washers have a warranty of 1 year on parts and service. To further deliver satisfactory after-sales service, Whirlpool extends motor warranty coverage of inverter fully-automatic top and front load machines to 10 years.

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Whirlpool products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. To view their complete product line, you may drop by their showrooms located at Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Legazpi, and Palawan. For more details, visit their website at www.whirlpool.com.ph or their Facebook Page at Whirlpool Philippines.


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