Protecting communities and forests through coffee

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Nespresso partnered up with Colombian fashion designer Johanna Ortiz to introduce a limited-edition Festive coffee range this Christmas season. The collection–known as Gifts of the Forest–is inspired by the beauty and depth of the precious environment coffee is grown in. The Forest Variations coffees include Forest Black, a woody and spicy espresso; Forest Fruit Flavour, a flavoured espresso that carries juicy berry aromas; and Forest Almond Flavour, which holds a sweet, nutty taste.

Nespresso coffee Gifts of the Forest
Explore and wander Nespresso’s limited edition Gifts of the Forest

Truly a choice gift this holiday for family and friends, Gifts of the Forest not only serves delicious cups of either flavoured or black coffee, but it also spreads the word about the importance of nurturing communities as the brand goes beyond its agroforestry commitments by helping to protect 10 million trees in the Amazon Forest in La Pedrera, Colombia. The effort is in collaboration with Conservation International and La Pedrera’s Madroño community. Forest conservation plays a huge role in Nespresso’s sustainability vision, which is to create a cup of coffee that has a positive impact on the world – from the coffee cherry to the cup.

Nespresso – Stepping Up with Conservation International

Likewise, Novateur Coffee Concepts, the exclusive local distributor of Nespresso in the Philippines, is supporting the reforestation project of the Yangil Tribe in Zambales. Its ravaged lands were caused by the devastating eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991. To this day, the affected local community continues to be at the forefront of restoring their forests in the hopes of slowly growing back their trees and protecting their land. Extending its resources to support the reforestation project, Nespresso partnered up with For The Future PH to achieve its mission of planting 88,000 trees within the affected areas of Zambales and thus, improve the conditions of the Yangil Tribe.

For The Future Philippines, a youth-led organization composed of 12 Filipinos from Manila to New York who advocate for change by providing accessible solutions such as typhoon relief, education, storytelling, and reforestation efforts. Co-founder, Issa Barte, shares, “We’re so excited to be partnering with Nespresso who shares our vision of a Philippines where nature is conserved and its people are empowered. Nespresso is showing us how it is possible for companies to go green and think about our future.”

Reforestation site in Zambales
Nespresso coffee Gifts of the Forest
Reforestation site in Zambales (photo by Ivan Torres)

Nespresso is more than coffee—it’s an avenue to do good and cause positive change. For almost 20 years, the company has focused on protecting nature through agroforestry projects that aim to conserve ecosystems, which its coffee farms rely on. Novateur Coffee Concepts Managing Director, Patrick Pesengco, explains, “Everything we do as a company should be sincere, mindful, and responsible. Even in our business, we have to show care for others and the environment because these make up our nourishment and wellbeing. When we collaborate with companies that also share the same values, we are able to come out stronger and more effective in our pursuit for sustainability. This enables us to create positive change that lasts.”

Taking the important steps towards a positive cup

The brand’s sustainability efforts are categorized into two main initiatives: first, by implementing a ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ system that gives second lives to used capsules and coffee grounds; and second, by continuing to support farmers and partner with passionate individuals who share the same values through various initiatives.

To supplement these efforts in the Philippines, the brand introduced other initiatives that forefronts its mission to make coffee a force for good.

A recycling program was launched in 2019 that features the collection and recycling process of capsules. Working closely with its partners, Nespresso processes returned capsules to separate coffee grounds from the aluminum. The aluminum is sent to Katipunan Metals Corporation for recycling into new aluminum bars, while non-profit organization Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation upcycles the aluminum into artistic pieces, giving second lives to the used materials

Used coffee grounds go to two partner farms: in Cavite which focuses on the production of pesticide-free, organically-grown lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and snack cucumbers, which are being served at a salad restaurant; and in Bulacan where these are converted to organic fertilizers.

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