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OCTOBER 27, 2022

bianca king NY
Image: Instagram/@bianca_king

Actress-vlogger Bianca King has made some New Year’s resolutions about being frugal and controlling expenses during shopping sprees.

While King may have been successful in being economical about her hard-earned money, she admitted in an Instagram post yesterday, Jan. 1, that she practiced mindful shopping with just a little degree of success.

“Time to share some NY resolutions I usually break. Starting with mindful shopping! I’ve done OK this year but I could do better with some adjustments,” she said.

King lauded fans and followers who observed her shopping rules last year.

“Some of you messaged me that you didn’t shop at all in 2021 because I posted about it, kudos to your success,” she said, noting that it is something she has “tried to do year after year but fail around month 5 [to] 6.”

“But I keep trying because I like to challenge myself to form better habits. It may seem impossible for me to NOT acquire anything new and so I’m trying something new this year,” she added.


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First, if King must buy something because she needs it, it should be a pre-loved item.

Second, it would be okay for her to “[accept] clothing as gifts.”

Third, should she acquire a new item, she has to sell or donate something else.

King also promised to “buy only sustainable fabrics or items that were sustainably made.”

“I don’t like having too much stuff. I don’t feel good when I have too many things – because I’ve come to learn that material things don’t matter,” she explained. “I prefer having a handful of quality items I reuse over and over again. Not just with fashion but everything I buy.”

“If you’re struggling with mindless/impulsive shopping and materialism, let 2022 be the year that you adapt mindful shopping habits,” King stressed. JB


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