Why we must instill in our children an awareness of and desire to bring positive change to the environment

Why we must instill in our children an awareness of and desire to bring positive change to the environment

One of the most pressing issues of our time is the state of the environment, with climate change and its impact being at the forefront of collective consciousness. Everyone has a part to play and even the smallest of actions can make a difference. This is why we must instill in our children an awareness of and desire to bring positive change to the environment—start them young, so to speak. 

With its EcoClean Technology, trusted detergent brand, Breeze, understands that getting dirty can be for the good. Formulated to provide tough stain removal and great cleaning, Breeze also keeps the environment in mind. The brand recently launched its project, EcoSquad: Kilos Kabataan Para sa Kapaligiran, via an online event last November, to generate environmental awareness in children.

Kids for the environment 

Breeze, through the Breeze EcoSquad: Kilos Kabataan Para sa Kapaligiran, aims to Educate, Engage and Empower the youth. The initiative seeks to enlist the youngest members of society to be changemakers, committed to taking action for the greater good of the environment.

To support its goal to educate, Breeze partnered with Knowledge Channel to produce a 15-minute curriculum-aligned educational video with lesson guide for teachers, which will be aired on the Knowledge Channel TV and on YouTube. Breeze’s EcoSquad project works in tandem with the Grade 3 Science curriculum that emphasizes the 3 Rs: Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Video lessons also include materials on the importance of trees, recycling and reducing waste, with an example of how to create planters from recyclable materials. 

Breeze Eco Project

In efforts to engage the public, especially the youth, Breeze gathered 10,000 participants, mainly elementary school learners, for the KKK Project’s virtual launch. The successful online event was held in partnership with the Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc. and the Department of Education City Schools Division Office of Marikina (DepEd Marikina).

To empower kids to be agents of change, Breeze likewise launched an EcoDiary contest for the Grade 3 public school pupils of Marikina, which will run from December 2021 – January 2022. For this initiative, students were tasked with creating a recycled planter, and growing a seedling in it, all while weekly monitoring and recording their mission in the EcoDiary provided by Breeze. Breeze will then reward the top three entries at the end of the allotted period. The contest is geared to activate the youth sector into doing their part for the environment, in easily actionable ways.

Eco-awareness starts at home

Breeze likewise believes that eco-awareness begins at home. When planning an at-home eco-activity with your kids, start with what you have. Look around your house and its surroundings; is there something that needs fixing? Check the available resources; are there any items at home that tickle the imagination? Maybe you and your child could take on a DIY project. Build something together out of upcyled and recycled items to teach your kids the practical benefits of reusing things. How about gardening? Taking care of a plant is an excellent introduction to caring for the environment.

Whatever activity you decide to take on, remember that the goal is not perfection. Children may make mistakes; they may get dirty, and that is totally okay. The goal is to spark the desire to protect the earth in which we all live.


Get dirty, for good!

When you teach your kids that it’s okay to get dirty- for the good of the environment, you are championing Mother Earth. Every child can be a force for positive change, with the guidance and encouragement of their parents. So go on, encourage your kids to take those small steps towards a better future. You as their parents are there to guide them—and Breeze has your back, for any tough dirt or stains along the way!





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