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OCTOBER 27, 2022

bianca gonzalez ig isolation
Bianca Gonzalez. Image: Instagram/@iamsuperbianca

TV host Bianca Gonzalez spent some time in isolation for her quarantine. She shared with fans some of the things that kept her busy and in “good spirits.”

“Spent the last few days in isolation like many of you who are isolating too. It hit our home as well, and thankfully, everyone hit had mild symptoms, and we have all ‘graduated’ and are healthy and well,” she said in her Instagram page on Tuesday, Jan. 18, where she showed some of her activities. “To anyone who is isolating now with mild symptoms or is asymptomatic, if you’re feeling a bit restless or anxious, I feel yoooou.”

Number one in her list is to have “some sort of routine.”

“First two days of isolation, I felt lost and like I did not know what to do with myself. Grateful that I could still work and I am very lucky to be isolating in my [work-from-home] room,” she said. “’Di naman kailangan todo schedule (It doesn’t need to be a strict schedule), but some sort of routine or flow to your day that will help you feel like you have control of something, in the middle of everything beyond our control, helps.”

Second, one has to get “enough sleep.”

“”Enough’ sleep is different for everyone, but try as much as you can to sleep straight at night. Too much sleep can make you feel heavy, too little sleep won’t help you get the energy you need to recover,” she said.

Third, Gonzalez advised fans to get some sun whenever they can: “Outside your door, by the window, if you have access to it, getting morning sun and that natural Vitamin D is so good for you.”

Fourth, she said it is best to “keep in touch with ‘batchmates.’”


Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram


Isang post na ibinahagi ni Bianca Gonzalez Intal (@iamsuperbianca)

“It was oddly comforting to be messaging with friends who were also isolating. Makes you feel like you are in it together,” she explained.

Lastly, the TV host advised fans to explore new activities, those they would be doing for the first time.

“Try/learn/do something different or new, [one that is really] unrelated to your work, anything that can give you a different point of view that can help get your mind off worrying and more into this new thing you’re figuring out,” she said.

“Hang in there, you got this! Sa mga nalagpasan din ito (To those who have surpassed this), happy graduation sa atin,” Gonzalez said, reminding everyone to continue to washing hands frequently, wear face masks, and get vaccinated and boosted. JB


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