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OCTOBER 27, 2022

antoinette taus
Image: Instagram/@antoinettetaus

Singer-actress Antoinette Taus is pushing for the importance of promoting awareness about wetlands which is beneficial to people and the environment.

“Every February we celebrate #WorldWetlandsDay! And for the first time ever, World Wetlands International 2022 is observed as a @UnitedNations international day, reflecting a growing awareness of the crucial role wetlands play for people, climate and biodiversity,” she said in her Instagram post on Wednesday, Feb. 16, where she also showed photos of mangroves in Baybay, Leyte.

With this year’s theme, “Wetlands Action for People and Nature,” Taus explained that people need to value wetlands and “the services and the nature-based solutions they provide.” She also stressed the need to “invest financial, human and political capital in managing them wisely and restoring them for biodiversity, climate and sustainable development outcomes.”

antoinette taus
Image: Instagram/@antoinettetaus

Key to managing wetlands is the protection of mangroves, “an underutilized natural climate solution,” she added. Mangrove forests provide coastal protection and food security.

Taus encourages everyone to help the cause for mangroves by donating a mangrove for P50 per seedling via We Are Cora (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation via, which she founded. JB


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