The rumors are true. Daniel Padilla has a new smokin’ hot date

The rumors are true. Daniel Padilla has a new smokin’ hot date

“Whoa! May nagbago s’yo,” the handsome young actor Daniel Padilla coos flirtatiously to his date. “You’re not just hot. You’re … smokin’ hot!”

Turns out, it wasn’t a girl that he found irresistible. It’s the new KFC Smoky BBQ Zinger Steak.

It’s KFC’s signature Zinger fillet drizzled in sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, and topped with onion leeks. This smokin’ hot treat is served with butter rice, perfectly paired with soup, and your choice of a regular drink.

Daniel, like most Filipinos, loves the taste of barbeque. Starting March 8, KFC’s new smoky BBQ sauce will take your favorite Zinger Steak to a whole new level of delicious. It’s packed with that amazing smoky flavour that makes you feel like it was grilled right in front of you.

Daniel Padilla

You can also order it as a snack with the Smoky BBQ Zinger.

Starting March 22, if ordering with friends and family, you can get the Smoky BBQ Zinger Steak Box for 3. It comes with 3 pieces Smoky BBQ Zinger Steak, 3 pieces signature KFC chicken, 3 fixins, 3 drinks and 3 butter rice.

Order the KFC Smoky BBQ Zinger Steak by visiting, or call 88-87-8888, or download the KFC PH app on Google Play: or App Store:

As KFC’s heartthrob Colonel, Daniel Padilla, declares while taking a big bite: “It’s smokin’ good!”