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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Home has taken on a whole new definition in the past two years. It has become the center of our life and work, a personal oasis. It is more than a place that we sleep in and settle at night. Home comforts us from the troubles of the outside. As the world proved to be uncertain, we found in it an anchor of stability and venue for everything we do.

The case is no different for actor Mikael Daez. His situation resonates with a lot of us as his home is where he is also building his life with his wife, beauty queen Megan Young.

Woodsville Crest provides an oasis in the city.

Nurture in Nature

For Daez, certain elements play an important role in making a home cozy yet connected. He shares, “I enjoy the amenities that make me feel in touch with the world. It’s so easy for a condominium to make you feel excluded. For some people, they might think of me as claustrophobic. It’s not the case when a condominium has amenities that allow you to enjoy the open air, feel the sun, and is something more spacious and open.”

As we are in an urban jungle, Daez notes that it is important to integrate nature into your home. He cites Woodsville Crest and its nature-inspired design as a good example. He says, The mere fact it makes you feel close to nature, I think, is extremely important. It was emphasized as we’ve all been in lockdown.” 

Daez notes that even if we’re in the city, there are certain activities you can do to free your mind, accompanied by the amenities he mentioned. “If you feel like you’re stuck inside, having some sort of connection to nature makes a difference. When you’re living in a box, just being able to add 30 minutes of being outdoors or going under the sun or feeling like you’re in nature, helps a lot.”

Artist prespective: Woodsvile Crest jog trail

Traveling indoors

On top of these key aspects, personal preferences always make a home complete. For Daez, it’s pops of color in every area. I’m in front of the screen a lot, so having something that reminds me of nature and the outdoors is always nice. In my case, we have fake plants in our house because the live plants never seem to stay alive with us.”

In this way, the four walls of the home don’t limit you but let your mind wander and re-calibrate. Speaking of which, Daez likes to have mementos of his travels around the house. Physically, you may still be at home but with the memories of past journeys, you will always be inspired to make new plans. “There has to be an intention to make a home yours, to put a lot of love into it,” Daez says. “It means including the things that you pick up from your travels, your experiences, and your loved ones. Make sure to showcase those, so when you see it, you’re reminded of those experiences, and all of a sudden, it’s not just a home. It’s a place where you’re reminded of all these beautiful things and you’re transported to those experiences.”

Artist perspective: Woodsvile Crest one-bedroom unit

Zone and Zen

Of course, don’t forget how a home should support your routine from the moment you wake up until you wind down. Daez admits that one of his favorite parts of the house is called the “battle station.” It’s what we call the work area slash kitchen area slash living room area,” he describes. It’s also where we shoot and where we’re always constantly moving furniture for different kinds of shoots. Many things are happening that are definitely the most exciting.”

If one place is full of excitement, Daez reminds us that some places need to be sacred and low-key. These include the bedroom, of course. “Our bedroom, obviously has a bed, but it has no bed frame because we like it close to the floor, very Zen slash Japanese style.”

He also talks about the balcony where he and Young spend time decompressing. They hang out on the balcony to appreciate the sunset and if they need a quick recharge before getting in some more work or clock in some workout time. “It’s always important to decompress, especially when you’re in work mode for like eight hours straight. ‘Di mo na namamalayan na (You don’t realize) you’re tired and you’re stressed. You’re hunched up, your body’s all tight,” he says.

Good thing, Woodsville Crest offers spaces for fitness and workouts within its vicinity. The development features a fitness gym, a jog trail, and a lap pool surrounded by lush greeneries. 

Changes to come

Not everything is set in the home of Daez just yet. And that’s a good thing. The home must also have the ability to evolve as your life moves along. Your hobbies will pick up, your work schedule might be more packed, and you will soon welcome more people inside. Regardless, your home will be there to both adapt with you and anchor you to what matters. Daez reflects, “Bonez (Megan) and I have made a commitment to make each other better every day. It doesn’t need to be big steps. You can do it in small increments, baby steps. The next thing, you know, a year later, you’re a completely different person and much better than you were previously.”


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