Chynna Ortaleza encourages people over 50 to undergo colonoscopy | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

chynna ortaleza colonoscopy ig
Chynna Ortaleza. Image: Instagram/@chynsortaleza

For actress Chynna Ortaleza, there is a need for people ages 50 and above to undergo colonoscopy to check if their intestines are still working well.

Ortaleza spoked about the importance of the said medical procedure in her post yesterday, April 9, where she shared photos of herself in the hospital before undergoing the medical procedure.

“It was a fairly eventful [two] days. Proud of my excellent prep providing my doctors an awesome view. Very little anxiety going into my very first colonoscopy too. Was able to prove to myself that I can dunk lots of liquid into my system, that the mind is stronger than hunger pangs, that health insurance [and] philhealth is IMPORTANT (do not ever make it your least priority),” she said.

Ortaleza believes that prevention is definitely better than cure. While undergoing the medical procedure, she kept on repeating biblical verses and felt that God filled her “with gratefulness, joy, peace, and the courage to fight.”

“Again, please… never ignore pains [and] red flags in your system. Pain is a friend [and] your body’s way of allowing you to care for it. This colonoscopy has allowed us to rule out Chrons, UC & Colorectal Cancer,” she said.

She advised people over 50 who do not feel anything in their digestive system to still “take time [and] get screened because polyps can still form without you knowing [and] develop into cancer.”

“A colonoscopy will help save your life,” she stressed. JB


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