Fujidenzo aircons: The coolest purchase for your home and business

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Fujidenzo aircons

With the Philippines being a tropical country, it’s no surprise how the hot weather calls for an increasing demand in air cooling solutions. Air conditioners have become a preferred appliance both at home and business.

And as the technology advances, air conditioners are not just seen as a mere source of comfort but also a means to improve air quality and protect us from various air pollutants.

But what’s quite a challenge for most consumers is to know which product would make a worthwhile investment. The huge assortment of aircons online and in-store, all claiming to have the best features, can be very overwhelming.

This is why Fujidenzo, a trusted partner for home and business, carries a wide selection of air cooling solutions that offer high performance and energy-saving benefits. And we are enumerating their product list to help you make a cool and smart buying decision.

Fujidenzo aircons

  1. HD Premium Inverter Split-Type Aircons with Air Purifying Filters

Split-type air conditioners are perfect to use at home and business establishments since it can easily be installed anywhere in the room with minimal modification requirements for the fittings. 

Considering the high electricity cost in the country, energy efficiency is one major concern when buying appliances. Good thing, Fujidenzo split-type aircons are equipped with Heavy Duty Premium Inverter Technology that consumes 60% less electricity for long-term energy savings.

What’s even cool about this series besides its performance is its purifying filters that provide extra protection. The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Split-Type Aircons are designed with a powerful Air Purifying System: the HEPA Filter + Ionizer that filters out 99.97% of tiny dust, pollen, mold, and other airborne particles, and the High-Density Filter which removes large air pollutants like fibers and pet hair.

These products also use R410A refrigerant that is energy efficient and eco-friendly, and are built with a Gold Fin Condenser that prevents rust and corrosion. They come with a hidden LED display for a minimalist look, and remote control for ease of use.

The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioners with Air Purifying Filters are available in 1 HP (PIS100T), 1.5 HP (PIS150T), 2 HP (PIS200T), and 2.5 HP (PIS250T) cooling capacities.

Fujidenzo aircons

  1. HD Premium Inverter & Inverter Grade Floor Standing Aircons

A floor standing aircon operates the same way as a split type with indoor and outdoor units linked by a copper tubing. The main difference is that it is vertically mounted on the floor, which makes it useful for areas with limited wall space or rooms covered with glass instead of solid walls. 

Floor standing aircons usually come in higher capacities so it is best suited for huge establishments like restaurants, offices, and even large houses. The Fujidenzo floor standing aircons are available in HD Premium Inverter and Inverter Grade models that provide up to 60% energy savings, and are backed up with the highly efficient R410A refrigerant

To ensure durability and safety, these aircons are equipped with a Gold Fin Condenser while keeping your air free from dust and other pollutants with its Clean Air Filter.

The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Floor Standing Aircon models come in 4 HP (FIP400M) and 6 HP (FIP600M), while the Inverter Grade model FPA400IGM is available in 4 HP capacity.


  1. HD Premium Inverter & Inverter Grade Window-Type Aircons

If you’re looking for a practical option to cool a reasonably-sized space at home or in the office, then a window-type aircon is your best choice. As long as the area has a window or external wall, installation would be easy. 

Putting great importance in energy efficiency, Fujidenzo window-type air conditioners include HD Premium Inverter models that can save you up to 60% energy and Inverter Grade ones with 30% energy-savings. Its R32 refrigerant (HD Premium Inverter series) and R32 / R410A refrigerant (Inverter Grade series) efficiently convey heat and are both environment safe. 

Its High Efficiency Anti-Bacterial Filter, E-nano filter, and 6-in-1 Clean Air Filter help eliminate dust particles so we can breathe healthy air. Not to mention that it also has a Dehumidifier that reduces the moisture level in the air for a fresher indoor ambiance. 

The Fujidenzo HD Premium Inverter Window-Type Aircons are all remote-controlled and are available in 1 HP (IWAR100-GC), 1.5 HP (IWAR-150GC), 2.0 HP (IWAR-180G), and 2.5 HP (IWAR-240G)

Fujidenzo Inverter Grade Window-Type Aircon with remote control come in 0.6 HP (WAR-632IGT) capacity. Meanwhile, the mechanical-controlled ones are available in 0.6 HP (WAM632IGT), 0.75 HP (WAM75IG2), 1.0 HP (WAM100IG2), 1.5 HP (WAM150IG2), and 2.0 HP (WAM200IG2) capacities. 


  1. Portable Aircons with Air Purifying Filters

Enjoy cool and clean air at any room in the house or office with the Fujidenzo Portable Aircon with Air Purifying Filters. Its hassle-free installation makes it ideal for residences and workplaces with restrictions and narrow space. You can even move it around with ease using its roller feet.

This product gives you the best of both worlds as it functions as an aircon and air purifier in one. It is equipped with High-Density, HEPA, and BIO Filters to provide better indoor air quality and extra protection. The High-Density Filter extracts large indoor air pollutants like dust particles, fibers, and animal hairs; the HEPA Filter eliminates 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, and airborne particles; and lastly, the BIO Filter converts toxic contaminants into harmless compounds.

It has an energy-efficient compressor and uses R410A refrigerant to deliver stable cooling performance. You can be assured of the product’s longevity, thanks to its Gold Fin Condenser

For complete convenience, it has a Digital Temperature Display and Remote Control. It also has a Follow Me Technology which allows the remote to act as a thermostat. This feature includes a sensor that detects the temperature in the room, allowing you to precisely control the cooling setting accordingly.

Perfect for apartments, condos, work spaces and more, the Fujidenzo Portable Aircons with Air Purifying Filters come in 1 HP (PAC-100AIG) and 1.5 HP (PAC-150AIG) capacities.

Fujidenzo aircons

  1. HD Premium Inverter Light Commercial Aircons

Another powerful cooling solution well suited for big spaces is the Fujidenzo Light Commercial Aircon series. They come in Ceiling Suspended (FIS360G) and Cassette Type (FIC360G) with both models in 4 HP capacity.

These products can save you a lot of electricity with its HD Premium Inverter Compressor. Both models have space-saving benefits since they are meant to be installed on the ceiling, but the FIS360G model can also be mounted on floor for added flexibility. Meanwhile, the 4-Way Airflow of the FIC360G model makes way for wide and even air distribution. 

Among its advanced features are the Turbo Function that provides cooling in the fastest time possible, “I feel” Function that detects and adapts based on the ambient temperature, and Memory Function that auto saves your last timer setting.

If there are kids around, you don’t need to worry because both units have Child Lock function making the buttons inoperable – preventing possible malfunction or damage.


  1. Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler

If you need an economical option to cool large spaces, then the Fujidenzo Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler might just be what you’re looking for. This portable appliance doesn’t require complex installation and can conveniently be moved from room to room – providing cool air wherever and whenever you need it.

It has a heavy-duty design and is built with an Energy-Efficient Motor for low power consumption. It also has 3 Honeycomb Evaporative Cooling Pads positioned on the sides and at the back of the unit that transform hot air into cool, moist air quickly. 

Apart from its cooling benefits, this product also eliminates large allergens like dust and pollen because of its High Density Filter. You also get notified once the unit has ran out of water with its Water Level Indicator.

The Fujidenzo Commercial Evaporative Air Coolers are available in different cooling capacities: FEA7000 for 50-70 m2 and FEA5001 for 40-60 m2.

Fujidenzo Air Cooling Solutions provide more than just high performance, it offers maximum efficiency and added safety – making them qualify as your next coolest purchase!

With over 450 service centers nationwide, Fujidenzo Split-Type, Window-Type, and Portable Aircons come with a warranty of 5 years on the compressor and 1 year on parts and service. On the other hand, the Fujidenzo Floor Standing and Light Commercial Aircons come with a warranty of 3 years on the compressor and 1 year on parts and service. Lastly, the Fujidenzo Commercial Evaporative Air Cooler is covered with 1 year warranty on parts and service.

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech), Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Drop by their main showrooms in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Legazpi, Palawan, and Isabela to view their complete range of products. Visit their website at www.fujidenzo.com or their Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances for more information.


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