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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi, regional brand manager for Louis XIII Nicolas Remy, Michelle Dee, Sea Princess, Jonas Gaffud
Miss Universe Philippines Celeste Cortesi, regional brand manager for Louis XIII Nicolas Remy, Michelle Dee, Sea Princess, Jonas Gaffud

“What is my goal of the day? Ask yourself daily to get clarity, focus and purpose.” —Shannah KennedyI n moving toward the greatest version of yourself, it is not what you say out loud that has the most power to determine your mindset, but what you whisper to yourself.

This internal voice can work in two ways: it can force us into a corner of self-doubt and limiting beliefs, or it can create limitless optimism and energy to quickly eliminate negative chatter. By reframing your inner monologue with more empowered thoughts, your mental and emotional state of being gravitate closer to your desired outcome.

Ram and Judy Antonio, Sea Princess, Rina Cinco, Edmund Eusebio

The life we lead is shaped by every one of our actions, emotions and beliefs. Our reality is what we choose it to be. Your mindset could be what is preventing you from progressing to the next chapter. It may be plagued with fear, doubt, shame or anxiety—elements that cloud internally, cause stagnation and eventually force us to do nothing.

My current favorite self-help book is “Plan B: A Guide to Navigating and Embracing Change” by bestselling author Shannah Kennedy. This guidebook has a tremendous amount of insightful exercises and useful tips for those looking for clarity and purpose on their newfound paths.

On conquering limiting beliefs, Kennedy shares three tips to shift from limiting to limitless beliefs. First, acknowledge the belief. In doing this, you become more conscious about what you are thinking about and where it is coming from. Second, trust in your ability to find a better way forward. And lastly, replace the limiting belief with a more empowering one that brings joy, faith and energy.

Life corrections

Isabel Santos, John Lloyd Cruz, Virgie Ramos, Sandy Uy, Emil Yap, Chris Tiu

One of the most valuable opportunities that have been presented to me as of late is the chance to make some life corrections. If you asked me—even just a few years ago—if there was anything I wanted to correct in my life, I would have said no, without giving it too much thought. After all, life was wonderful and moving joyfully at breakneck speed.

But with all the time I have spent on pause, and using that time to really focus on self-growth, I now realize that there actually are corrections I can make in order to have the most positivity in my life.

What are corrections? Corrections can be in the form of an apology—an acknowledgement of a past action, transgression or attitude that may have been hurtful to someone. Corrections can be in the form of changing how you deal with a problem. If in the past I tended to sweep issues under the rug; I try my hardest now to deal with the issue and face it head on instead of avoiding it.

Front: Ruthy Vera, Cindy Yang, Tim Yap, Sheila Lirio Marcelo; back: Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, Tata Saavedra, Sea Princess

Recently, my past came back to haunt me, as the saying goes, but instead of avoiding it and pretending that it didn’t exist, I now see it as a blessing. That tumultuous past eventually revealed itself to me as a gift, and from that gift came a lifetime of blessings!

In a sudden twist of fate—which often comes when you least expect it—I was able to clear that hurt from decades ago and instead ask for forgiveness for unconscious and conscious offenses caused. In doing so, these healing actions gave us both permission to reminisce and acknowledge a love shared, that for a moment in time in our young lives felt like it was meant to be. It did seem like a scene of forbidden love from “Bridgerton” minus the lavish costumes.

Tribute to Mother Earth

Michelle Go, Sheila Lirio Marcelo, Cindy Yang, Sea Princess

As the world opens up again, I find myself in full swing with the high energy of events and parties. The Manila social scene has indeed picked up, and I was delighted to attend several launches, especially those that involved toasting and drinking.

Louis XIII Cognac recently launched a new campaign that pays tribute to Mother Earth. This latest project, “Believe in Time,” is a film led by Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and visual artist Solange Knowles, who also composed an original piece of music for the project, in collaboration with Chinese couture designer Guo Pei and French-Senegalese Cannes Festival’s Grand Prix winning director Mati Diop (“Atlantics”).

Definite changemakers in their respective fields, Knowles, Pei and Diop worked together to bring the concept of “believing in time” to life. As a result, the campaign stands as a meeting point: it’s the convergence of individuals, of artistic visions, of creative fields and of cultures.

Diop and Knowles spoke extensively about creating an artistic film that celebrated the process, and Knowles honed in on all the ways the film’s themes could be interpreted sonically. With this artistic creation, Louis XIII Cognac reaffirms its commitment to craftsmanship, quality, beauty and human-made creations.

Inspired by space program

Birthday girls Virgie Ramos and Athena Valdes with Sea Princess

Speaking of time, we celebrated the birthday of our daughter, Athena Valdes, in an extremely small dinner for three with Swatch grand dame Virgie Ramos. Jointly celebrating her birthday as well, Tita Virgie was happy to celebrate and share stories on the success of the Swatch and Omega collaboration. The campaign is so huge globally that the Swatch X Omega Bioceramic MoonSwatch collection is already completely sold out. The new collection, containing 11 different timepieces, was inspired by the US Apollo space program of the 1960s and ’70s, and was conceived as a homage to the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, the first watch worn by astronauts on missions to the moon.

Today, redesigned and reimaged in conjunction with Swatch, the new MoonSwatch collection is made from bioceramic, a material originally developed for space travel, that mixes two parts zirconium dioxide ceramic with one part bio-derived plastic, usually from bio-based castor oil. It is now used across a variety of industrial and medical processes, including bonding broken bones.

Ram Antonio, Sea Princess, Edmund Eusebio

I was overjoyed to buy my favorite model in Australia when I went there for Easter vacation. I have to line up another time soon to get the other models for the rest of the family.

What about time in the future? I was in another launch that was all about the future in the digital world. I will still have to understand all about Metacrafters.io and Yield Guild Games, so let me feature all that next week. In the meantime, make the most of your time! The future is about to be revealed! INQ

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