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Ember by Josh Boutwood elevates the element of fire

MANILA, Philippines – Chef Josh Boutwood, who is known for his maverick approach to dining, offers a new restaurant concept that smolders with sophistication.

Ember is a sly wink to his other concept, Savage, that attracts adventurous diners with the primal feel of having food cooked with pre-industrial methods using fire, smoke and ash. “Ember is a sophisticated evolution of Savage with high emphasis on amazing ingredients and a more delicate cooking method. While fire is Savage, after it blazes through the material, what is left glowing from your flame is the ember, which is actually the best to cook on,” Chef Josh explains.


Ambience-wise, the interiors are meant to evoke the warm feelings of enjoying a relaxing meal. “I want to trigger memories of Sunday feasts spent with family, where the kids, parents, and grandparents gather for a leisurely meal of items freshly-grilled from a backyard barbecue without having to lift a finger. In my mind, it is enjoying dry-aged steaks absolutely perfectly done with just the right amount of smokiness and paired with a glass of wine,” explains the chef. “All of my restaurants are positioned to create memories, the warm feeling of enjoying good food in a great atmosphere. Our aim is that every meal at Ember is logged as a beautiful memory.”


To achieve this, he takes off from the industrialist look of Savage and the dark walls of his other concept, The Test Kitchen. Ember is modern chic, with a soft and elegant balance to a masculine menu and cooking method. To add to the relaxing atmosphere, the approachable staff will treat guests like family. “Essentially, it is going to sophisticated yet warm, with earth tones and a splash of olive green and red for accent,” he says.


The menu does not focus on a specific cuisine, as Josh’s cooking philosophy veers away from limitations and instead focuses on gathering inspiration from multiple cultures. The meals will be prepared using a variety of cooking methods from convection, ovens, stove tops hearth, and a smoker to infuse a smoked essence in the dishes.


Expect nothing but the best; no boundaries, just exceptional food.

Ember is located at the Greenbelt Mall in Makati City, with al fresco seating available for patrons.