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OCTOBER 27, 2022

maxene magalona fairmont ig
Image: Instagram/@maxenemagalona

Because of her busy schedule, actress and yoga teacher Maxene Magalona had to let go of doing yoga for a time. But since she wrapped up work for the series “Viral Sandal,” she has just returned to meditation.

Magalona shared how she found inspiration in practicing yoga again in her Instagram page today, May 26, where she showed photos and videos of herself while inside Alchemy Yoga Center.

She shared a quote as well from Paulo Coelho, the Brazilian novelist, which said: “There’s one great truth on this planet. Whoever you are or whatever it is that you do, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the Universe. It’s your mission on earth.”


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“One of the reasons why I came here is to deepen my yoga practice which, [to be honest], I haven’t really been focusing on in the past few months due to work and some other things,” Magalona said.

While that is a no excuse, Magalona feels she has to “continue showing up and [do] the work… to realign and recalibrate” herself. And although the past year has been busy for her, she is far from complaining.

“I welcome life’s challenges just as I allow the rain to fall because I understand that we can’t always have sunshine and rainbows. Life will knock you down one way or another and it’s how you get back up that matters. It’s the lessons you learn along the way as you grow and evolve that you will keep and cherish in your heart forever—not the pain,” she explained.

maxene magalona fairmont ig
Image: Instagram/@maxenemagalona

She believes that her mission on is to “keep growing with gratitude and grace” so she can “consciously contribute nothing but good energy to the Universe and help raise the vibration of the planet.” Yoga for her is a tool in accomplishing that.

“If you want the world to heal, you have to heal yourself. Alchemize your pain into power by looking within, processing your emotions and releasing negativity to make space for new and positive energy,” she advised. JB


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