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Father’s Day: Dads are moms too

We say that we equally love our parents as sons and daughters, but do we really?

Usually, we describe a mother’s love as warm and colorful, but how about our father’s? Our answer may not be as clear or eloquent, but we can see a father’s love in special moments. 

From teaching us how to ride a bike experience, picking us up from school to cracking corny, but no-fail daddy jokes. Fathers may have a different love language from moms but both of them deserve to feel valued, special, and appreciated. So this year’s Father’s day, as dads have brought so much impact and joy to our lives, we hope to recognize that and express gratitude in return. 

One special way to celebrate this year’s dad’s day is to satisfy their sweet cravings because yes, just like moms, dads have sweet tooth as well. You can pretty much thank Ka Tunying’s for bringing out these limited edition pastry gifts in the most elegant presentation especially crafted only for that very day.  Social media savvy and  millennial fathers would certainly enjoy it. Included in Ka Tunying’s Father’s day collection are some unique ones such as Vanillamansi flavor cake, Tablea Mocha cake and a Graze box with its Bugnay wine inside. 

These items with their unique and mouthwatering tastes would certainly make the fathers fee deeply appreciated for all the years of hard work and dedication. As Wade Boggs (2005) said,  “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad” and so it only takes someone special to have Ka Tunying’s.