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OCTOBER 27, 2022

“The best lesson my dad taught me was how to be a man.”
“The best lesson my dad taught me was how to be a man.”

Compiled by Caleb Tiam-Lee

I asked my fellow youngsters about the lessons they learned from their dads. Here is what they said: —CONTRIBUTED INQ

“Working smart brings more results than working hard. He taught me this through the game of basketball.” —Enrique Chenglay

“My dad taught me the value of having a system when I do things so that I could be properly organized. He taught me this by showing me how to fix my things and arrange them so that I would not lose them, a skill I think would be useful as an adult.” —Amery Atinon

“My dad taught me a lesson about humility when I was a child. Since he knew I was very goal-oriented, he reminded me that once those goals were met, I should remain humble. His exact words to me back then were, ‘Don’t let it go to your head because that’s when it’ll start to weigh you down.’ This seems to be true especially if we become overly absorbed that we lose track of what matters.” —Rana Tan

“The best lesson that my dad taught me was to be God-fearing. He would always bring us to church every Sunday.” —Darrel Espinar

“He taught me to be practical through his own actions and allowing me to learn from mine.” —Sean Chua

“’Save, save, save.’ He taught me to save money by teaching me how to spend wisely.” —Lorenzo Padilla

“I am grateful for my dad’s example with regard to teaching me accountability. Instead of lashing out, he always teaches me what I did wrong and its consequences. He has taught me to have confidence to own up to my shortcomings, and to also approach problems with a calm mindset.” —Jaden Lim

“The best lesson my dad taught me was how to be a man.”
“The best lesson my dad taught me was how to be a man.”

“My dad always taught me to be strong and firm. Although he never said it explicitly, I knew that he never wanted me to succumb to the pressures of the real world. By showing me tough love as I grew up, I learned to work for everything I wanted, and at the same time, keep pushing on amid any challenge in life.” —Lance Dy

“He taught me how to serve other people by always putting them first and making sure no one gets left behind. He also taught me how to be humble and stay down to earth no matter how much success I achieve.” —Tyler Gobaco

“My dad constantly reminds me of this proverb that roughly translates to ‘one promise is worth more than thousands in gold.’ He tells me to never go back on my word. He teaches this by example and reminds me every time an opportunity arises.” —Edric Dy

“My dad taught me how to be thrifty. He taught me this through his actions, like availing himself of credit card promos or being mindful of buying needs versus wants.” —Rasha Gobaco

“He taught me to work smarter and not harder. He taught me how to use my resources so that I won’t exhaust all of my energy in one task. That way I could accomplish my tasks faster.” —Dannah Te

“He taught me how to be humble enough to apologize and be accountable for my actions. Whenever I feel guilty for hurting someone, he’s the one who always tells me that it is on me to own up to my actions and be accountable for them.” —Faith Avila

“He thought me to always love and respect others. He taught me this by being a good example to me, so I know how to love and respect others, especially those who are often neglected and mistreated in society.” —Javi Lim

“He taught me to be resilient by teaching me to overcome trials and going through them with me.” —Nicco Tan

“The best lesson my dad taught me was basically how to be a man. He did it by always being there for me, always finding time for us and working his hardest to provide for the family.” —Keiran Ong

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