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OCTOBER 27, 2022

2022 is the year we reprised work in the office, and it’s been an interesting period of relearning how to function out of our WFH-minted joggers. In-person meetings and reuniting with office friends have been great, but on days when you’re swept away by the pace of the workplace, it’s the small bit of comfort food brings that can lift your spirits back up. Here’s the Lifestyle Inquirer team with their faves to sip and snack on at work for the next time you report to the office.

Ria Prieto, Editor-In-Chief: Sidechick OG Chicken Sandwich 


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Possibly the best Chicken Sandwich you can get your hands on in Manila, Sidechick’s OG Chicken Sandwich is the definition of comfort food. Crispy chicken nestled between two warm brioche buns and a generous serving of their signature sauce, it’s the ultimate meal to keep you going for the rest of your work day.

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Lex Celera, Features Editor: Meinklang’s Prosa Rosa from Bombvinos


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The days of having a customary beer after a hard day’s work are still pretty much here; just scout the usual haunts around Makati and Taguig when payday hits a Friday. But what if there was a better, juicier option? Keep it interesting with a bottle of natural wine: bursts of flavor with all the buzz good enough to make you feel like it’s your day off. If you’re looking to experience what all the fuss is about, try a Sparkling Rosé, like the Prosa Rosa from Meinklang, and thank me later.

Visit Bombvinos.com for more information

Angela Go, Managing Editor: Alt Pops by Alt Scoops 


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These guilt-free bars are a welcome addition to the growing dairy-free dessert market and come in 3 equally-decadent flavors: Oat Milk Swirl, Strawberry, and Cappuccino Crunch, all dipped in Auro 64% dark chocolate. As someone who is both lactose-intolerant and addicted to ice cream, I was so thrilled to discover that these Alt Pops were as clever as they were tasty.

These sweet treats come wrapped in the cutest packaging and are handy when you need a nice surprise to share with the team, to munch on while brainstorming, or as a pick-me-up after an unnecessarily long Zoom meeting.


Sophia Concordia, Editorial Assistant: Omotesando Koffee


The last thing I am is a snob, but I guess when it comes to coffee, you could say I take things quite seriously. It’s my version of popeye’s spinach and an essential especially when I need to get things done. Omotesando Koffee located in Powerplant Mall has been my go-to for quite some time now, offering a wide array of specialty brews. Needless to say, it’s what keeps the cogs turning in my brain, and without it, I’d probably be lost throughout the day.

Omotesando Koffee is located in UG/F Power Plant Mall, Lopez Drive, Rockwell, Makati City.

Hannah Manuel, Intern: Locally Pure Organic Coconut Water


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Hydration is Bible, especially when we’re *still* in the middle of this heat wave. But if you (like everyone else) find it impossible to guzzle down those 2 liters of water every day, consider switching out some of your 8×8 with coconut water! Refreshing and filled with electrolytes, it’s a great drink to keep you locked into a meeting of any length. Best snuck into the office fridge and enjoyed cold.

Tamannah Mahibubani, Intern: Kind Bars


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Sweet-tooth cravings infiltrate our minds almost every day, especially when active in our workspace. Kind Bars are sweet but healthy protein-enriched alternatives to any chocolate bar, filled with our favorite nuts, chocolate, fruits, and way more. They have numerous variations including— caramel almond and sea salt, peanut butter dark chocolate, dark chocolate cherry cashew, almond and coconut, and countless more. My personal favorite is the dark chocolate nuts and sea salt variation, enjoyed after a strenuous meeting. A Kind Bar will satisfy your appetite for a sweet treat and help you ‘choose to be Kind to your body.’

Monique Nepomuceno, Intern: Efferve Sparkling Lemonade Juice

Fancy a bit of fizz for your nth beverage of the day? The Efferve Sparkling Lemonades are a perfect refresher, best paired with something savory for your midday meal or snack. Its crisp and sweet taste will uplift your mood, perfect for when you’re craving an energy booster after hours of working on your to-do list. These drinks come in a selection of 11 different fruit-infused flavors, with the ‘Blood Orange’ as a personal recommendation for starters.  


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