Build an energy-efficient home with Whirlpool AI Inverter appliances

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Living in a country like the Philippines where electricity costs a lot requires us to be wiser in the appliances we fill our homes with. These days, one can easily find a whole bunch of appliances claiming to offer energy-saving benefits. This is why it’s very important to keep a keen eye when buying appliances and make sure that they live up to their claims.

Good thing that Whirlpool, a US-trusted appliance brand for over 100 years, carries a premium line of inverter appliances that make everyday living comfortable and sustainable for families – the AI (Adaptive Intelligence) Inverter series.

Here are the major benefits you can achieve in every corner of your home when you choose these products from Whirlpool:

Ultimate Laundry Care at the Lowest Cost


Whirlpool is globally known in the laundry appliance category after pioneering the first-ever electric wringer washing machine. This product became the foundation of the advanced washing machines we have in our homes today. Since then, Whirlpool has continued producing various kinds of washers and dryers to fulfill the laundry needs of every homemaker.

For fully-automatic top load washers, Whirlpool has the Bloomwash InverterPlus series. The tried-and-true top load design is highly preferred since it allows easy loading and unloading of garments. Its Drum Sterilization Cycle removes detergent residue and accumulated dirt on the stainless steel drum for guaranteed clean and fresh clothes. As its inverter series name implies, these washers consume as low as 0.49-centavo per wash as proven by the Meralco Power Lab – giving you stress-free laundry session each time.  Bloomwash InverterPlus washing machines are available in 12 (WVMD1208BHG), 11.5 (WVIID1158BKG), 10.5 (WVWD1050BKG, WVIID1058BKG), 9.5 (WVWD950BKG), and 8.5 (WVWD850BKG) kg capacities.

If you opt for a front load washing machine, then look no further than the Whirlpool Sanicare and Radiant InverterPlus series. You can save more time by running two loads at once with these separate units. Not to mention that the dryer can be stacked on top of the washer so you can save a lot of space. Whirlpool front load washers not only use up less water, they also provide maximum energy savings by consuming as low as 0.66-centavo per wash. The Radiant InverterPlus washing machines come in different capacities – 10.5 (WFRB1054BHG/2), 9.5 (WFRB954BHG/2), 8.5 (WFRB852BHG/2), and 7.5 (WFRB752BHW/2) kg. On the other hand, the Sanicare series is available in 11 (FWMD11003BG), 10.5 (FWEB10503BS), and 9.5 (FWEB9503BS) kg capacities.

For those who want to take out the hassle of transferring clothes from one tub to another, then the Whirlpool Sanicare Combo Washer-Dryers have got you covered. Reinvent your laundry routine by having a laundry appliance that can wash and fully dry clothes in a single drum. You can even have your small and lightly soiled clothes ready to be worn in just an hour by simply selecting the Wash and Dry 60’ Program. It has an Antimicrobial Drawer that allows you to include laundry sanitizer to wash cycles for added protection. The Hot Air Refresh option fully dries delicate garments and even non-apparel items while also preventing bacterial growth. These combo washer-dryers provide so much more than convenience and laundry care, as these are built with Zen Inverter Technology to deliver optimum wash performance while saving energy. You may choose between the 11 kg Wash-7 kg Dry (WWEB11703BG) and 8 kg Wash-5 kg Dry (WWEB8503BW) capacities of this series.

As a brand, Whirlpool continuously goes above and beyond laundry care; this is why all three series are designed with Hot Wash Cycle that heats water for 60 to 80-degree Celsius to break down dirt, bacteria, and viruses on clothes for complete protection.

Whirlpool AI Inverter laundry appliances are all equipped with a smart sensor, the 6th Sense Technology, which detects the laundry load and adjusts the time as well as detergent and water level accordingly – making sure that each setting is custom fit to every cycle.

Long-Lasting Food Freshness with Maximum Energy Savings

Whirlpool AI Inverter

Years of expertise have led Whirlpool to earn the trust and approval of many homemakers, not only in the laundry segment but also in other major appliance categories like refrigeration.

The standards in choosing a household refrigerator has entirely evolved in the past years – from door finish and interior look, to storage flexibility and energy efficiency. As more and more technological advancements come out, consumers have been continuously raising the bar with their choices.

As an advancement to the popular two-door top mount refrigerator, Whirlpool launched the Best Ever Inverter series. This fridge offers long-lasting food freshness with its AI (Adaptive Intelligence) Technology. This is made possible with intelligent sensors that detect the ref’s internal load, ambient temperature, as well as your usage pattern to offer energy savings as low as P6.35 per day or P190.50 per month along with high cooling performance.  The 5-in-1 Convertible Freezer is also a flexible advantage that adjusts the cooling settings based on your storage needs. The 13 (6WIN130U BS) and 10.5 (6WIN105U BS) cu. ft. capacities of the Whirlpool Best Ever Inverter Refrigerators are more than enough to accommodate your food storage needs.

For side-by-side refrigerators, the state-of-the-art Whirlpool Monolith series is your best choice. Its configuration allows you to organize your supplies better with the freezer and chiller sections separated into two side-by-side doors. In the crisper section, you will find the Photosynthesis LED Light that guarantees the freshness of fruits and vegetables by imitating sunlight and make them undergo photosynthesis. And if you have groceries that need to be cooled or frozen immediately, then you just need to use the Quick Cool or Quick Freeze mode of this fridge. The energy efficiency of the Monolith refs is as impressive as its cooling features because at 21 cu. ft. capacity, it only consumes as low as P11.30 per day or P339 per month. The Whirlpool Monolith Refrigerators come in Glass Gold (6WS21NIHGG) and Gold Matte (6WSP21NIHPG) door finishes.

With the multi-door refrigerators slowly gaining popularity in the market, Whirlpool’s premium Quattro series makes an outstanding contender. Its cutting-edge design and advanced features bring the powerful combination of sophistication and functionality to your kitchen. The freezer has a FlexiFreeze compartment where you can set the temperature into three modes depending on the food you’ll store inside: Soft Freeze for food to be consumed within the week, Mid Freeze for soft-serve ice cream, and Deep Freeze for frozen meats to be stored for long periods of time. Available capacities of the Whirlpool Quattro Refrigerators include 24 (6WM24NIHAS) and 16 (6WM16NIHGG, 6WFD16NIKGG) cu. ft.

Each Whirlpool AI Inverter Refrigerator is designed with intelligent sensors and inverter technology to deliver optimum performance and energy efficiency like no other.

Cool, Fresh, and Clean Air While Saving Up to 60% Energy

Whirlpool AI Inverter

The tropical weather in the Philippines makes us rely more on appliances to keep us cool. Whirlpool has its own line-up of InverterPlus Split-Type Air Conditioners to solve this problem.

These aircons are furnished with HEPA Filter that removes up to 99.97% of bacteria and viruses to give off cool and fresh air. This kind of filter is commonly found on air purifiers and is highly recommended by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for enclosed shared spaces.

Similar to other appliances under the AI Inverter line, this series also has a built-in smart sensor, the 6th Sense Technology that allows the aircon to detect the ambient temperature and intuitively adjust its cooling settings. By pairing this feature with Zen Inverter Technology, the aircon is able to provide the best cooling performance with up to 60% energy savings. The Whirlpool’s line of InverterPlus Split-Type Aircons include 1HP (SAH09CIW) and 1.5HP (SAH12CIW) capacities.


Supported by over 450 service centers nationwide, Whirlpool AI Inverter Appliances come with the following warranty coverage:

  • Inverter Washing Machines: 12 years on motor, 1 year on parts and service
  • Inverter Refrigerators: 12 years on compressor, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on service
  • Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioners: 5 years on compressor, 1 year on parts and service

Exclusively distributed by Excellence Appliance Technologies Inc. (Exatech Inc.), Whirlpool products are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. Drop by their main showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, Legazpi, Palawan, and Isabela to view their complete range of products.

For more information, you may visit their website at or follow their official Facebook page at Whirlpool Philippines.


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