Shore Residences: Upscale resort living in the MOA Complex | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Harnessing the stunning views that come with a coastal address and the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of a world-class leisure and entertainment hub, the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) Complex is resonant to a five-star vacation destination. To make a blissful stay your way of life need not to be a dream anymore. SMDC’s Shore Residences is a mystical siren that lures you into indulgence.

Sublime in every corner

What’s truly enchanting about Shore Residences is the juxtaposition of repose and vibrance it carries. The Manila Bay, coupled with the extravagance of the MOA Complex, rounds a compelling mise-en-scène and satiates everyone’s penchant for premium living near bodies of water. Captivating sights profuse in all directions — city lights on one; glistening sunsets on the other.

Like most waterfront properties, the master-planned collective takes after its environment — in this case, a gloriously diverse and endlessly exciting locale. High-end hotels, first-rate casinos, sprawling shopping malls, rich culinary adventures, iconic amusement parks, in-vogue event spaces, prestigious business centers, and even a commercial strip integrated in the development offer an exceptional world of luxury.

Proximity to the country’s most distinguished gateway, on the other hand, poses a wealth of experiences that engage, exhilarate, and inspire. Because you’re close to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Expressway, you’re given nonpareil access to airport terminals, and the Skyway that links to both the North Luzon Expressway and the South Luzon Expressway. It’s a spectacular address only the corps d’elite could possess.

A triumph in nautical design

The provenance of splendor at Shore Residences lies in its design elements. A homage to modernity, the in-city residential resort complex’ structure is both straightforward and fascinating. Angled and pop-out units, and an interplay of squares and boxes lend a distinctive character to the facade’s asymmetrical profile. Contrastingly, two-tone color palettes add depth to the otherwise stiff exterior and retain its visual simplicity.

A coastal design marvel, the lobby evokes an ambiance that emulates one of the world’s greatest harbors. Seats range from cabana-like sofas with chic, white curtains, to intricately-woven chairs comparable to that of a fancy vacation home. Seashells and of-the-moment paintings decorate the expanse, while ocean hues and coral textures suggest a tropical yet contemporary interior. Elements like wicker, cane, and rattan, all in all, protrude across the space and punctuate the haven of peace and comfort it aspires to be.

The art of serenity

Suffused with a summer state of mind, water takes the centerstage at the mega-complex. A wide array of high-style, hyper-sized pools act as showpiece in each of the resort-like developments — Shore Residences with palm tree courtyards and a beach-entry pool with a feature island; Shore 2 Residences with river-like pools that stretch throughout the amenity deck; and Shore 3 Residences that embodies an outright wharf experience, with in-water garden coves and an Olympic-length lap pool at ‘The Central Bay,’ and aquatic lounges and a yacht deck at ‘The Grand Ocean.’ 

Unimposing but equally breathtaking, the panoply of state-of-the-art amenities at the Shore Residences complex ease you into a more laid-back and intentional lifestyle. Indoor gyms, jogging trails, a basketball court, a dance studio, and even a multifunctional mini-soccer field encourage you to fill your life with purpose. Landscaped greeneries, likewise, create a contemplative oasis, with its uncanny resemblance to nature and the refuge it gives from the busy city.

Your own slice of paradise 

People from all around the globe reside at Shore Residences — a testament to how art and international panache coalesce here. What elevates this mega-complex to a cozy enclave worthy of the world’s most distinguished individuals is SMDC’s unique brand of property management. At the “Home of the Good Guys,” a luxurious bayside retreat never felt homier.

Like them, you can find a paradise to call your own or a staycation-ready investment at SMDC’s Shore Residences complex. Units of varying sizes and features let you define the “The Good Life” however you choose it to be.

Give in to the calls of SMDC’s crown jewel, and bask in the year-round warmth of a bayside resort-turned-upscale community — only at Shore Residences.

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