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How to win a customer over through coffee

Written by: Ruth L. Navarra

Winning over a coffee-lover’s heart is not that hard. All you have to do is serve them an exquisite cuppa joe, the way they want it, every time they need it.

In the same manner, guests of hotels and restaurants judge establishments over the tiniest details. Serving the kind of coffee that guests will enjoy should be the least of the management’s worries.

Nespresso Momento
Nespresso Momento 120

This is what Nespresso Momento offers. It’s not just a machine that makes 40 cups of premium coffee on queue. It’s a machine that offers consistency. Momento being the newest line of Nespresso carries the company’s latest innovation.

Users can pick their choice of coffee from the machine through their phones. They can choose the cup sizes of the coffee and its recipe remotely. The contactless process is very timely and necessary. What the machine can’t do is pop in the capsules on its slot. Users have to do that on their own.

The lack of a phone is also no reason to worry: the interface can be accessed directly.

The Nespresso Momento 120 has a 3-liter milk tank and offers eight kinds of coffee, including latte, cortado, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, espresso, lungo, and Americano. It was launched at the World Food Expo (Wofex) on Aug. 3-6 at the SMX Convention Center at P220,000.

Nespresso Momento 100

The more affordable option is the Nespresso 100. It was sold at P79,600 at Wofex. It is the same as the 120; however, it doesn’t have a milk tank or chiller. It can also only create espresso, lungo, and Americano. This can be the machine of choice for those who want flexibility or still provide a human touch to their coffee.

Elevated coffee experiences

“Creating meaningful moments through elevated coffee experiences has always been Nespresso’s objective, and this expands to the workplace and food service sectors. We’re thrilled to finally be participating at the Wofex,” said Patrick Pesengco, managing director of Novateur Coffee Concepts, the exclusive distributor of Nespresso in the Philippines. “It’s the perfect avenue to put forward the Nespresso Professional range for workplaces and businesses, and to announce the arrival of a state-of-the-art Nespresso Professional machine, Momento, in the Philippines.”

Momento’s intuitive interface makes it easy to operate and maintain. In the end, it’s also more cost-efficient. Machines don’t need to be trained to be consistent; they don’t get sick and they won’t complain if you ask them to make macchiato at 3 a.m.

A Momento’s sole reason for existence is to keep producing barista-level premium coffee one cup after the other. This can offer peace of mind in one aspect of your business. If you know that your customers will be happy with their coffee, then you can focus instead on growing your business.

This was proven during the Barista Challenge organized by Nespresso at Wofex. Three contestants used the Momento 100 to create their own cocktails based on coffee. After placing the capsule and pressing on the interface, the baristas focused on creating their cocktails. They didn’t have to worry about their coffee. The machine’s precise measurements of coffee and water ratio guarantees perfect coffee base each time.

Michael Yu of Bolt Coffee used cardamom, espresso and bruléed dried orange for his concoction. Espresso was also Marfin Mercano’s choice; the Chefs Du Partie Inc. barista added Baileys and cola to his drink.

The winner of the event was Eduard Catudio of Savage and Helm. He created Pamahaw, which is his cocktail interpretation of the Pinoy breakfast favorite, pan de sal and coffee. He used rum, lemon and lungo for his cocktail. As a finishing touch, he covered the glass with toasted flat pan de sal.

Nespresso Momento
Pamahaw by Eduard Catudio of Savage and Helm

Aesthetic standout

The Momento is an aesthetic standout among the coffee machines available at Wofex. It sits splendidly in its silver finish on the counter. Its sleek, modern design reflects the machine’s state-of-the art innovation and technology.

One’s coffee experience, of course, is never just about an impressive machine. It’s the coffee beans as well. Good beans produce good coffee. For Nespresso, each capsule is produced in Switzerland before it’s exported to 62 countries worldwide.

There’s no guilt in enjoying premium coffee from the capsules. Mia Silva, marketing manager of Novateur Coffee Concepts, told Inquirer Lifestyle that the company practices sustainability, too.

“Our capsules are made of aluminum, not plastic. Hence they are infinitely recyclable,” she said. Nespresso Professional clients can schedule a pickup of their used pods for recycling.

The company has a partnership with Katipunan Metal Corp. for them to separate residual coffee from the aluminum smelter. The coffee grounds are donated to Saret Farms for composting.

The cleaned aluminum pods are donated to the Negrense Volunteers for Change (NVC). They become raw materials for art projects. But NVC also uses them to create practical items such as Christmas decorations, mask holders, pens, and Swiss knives.
Hence, a cup of Nespresso is more than just coffee. It is a cup filled with people’s stories. The stories of farmers, workers, and the people who try to make the world a better place. Now imagine maximizing Momento’s capability to allow customers to add their own story to each cup of coffee that you share with them.

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