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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Actress and yoga teacher Maxene Magalona believes that one’s relationship with God should always be on solid ground.

Magalona explained the importance of having a personal relationship with God via her Instagram page yesterday, Aug. 27, where she shared her photos of visiting the Santuario de San Antonio Parish.

“Have you talked to God lately?” she asked. “Ever since I started working with my intuition through meditation, I’ve been receiving a lot of downloads and messages from the Divine which my soul has been nudging me to share with you.”

She then enumerated her tips on how one can develop a strong and solid relationship with God.

First is to “converse with Him everyday through prayer and meditation.”

“Prayer is when we talk to God while meditation is when He speaks to us. I highly recommend maintaining a solid connection to Him daily through spiritual practices instead of just going to Him when you are experiencing problems,” she advised. “God wants to be your best friend. Allow Him to be a part of your daily routine instead of just going to church once a week.”

Second, one should “spend time in nature.”

She encourages everyone to experience nature first hand by walking barefoot on the grass, marveling at the beauty of a flower, or to hug a tree and really feel that energy because these “all come from God.”

Third, Magalona thinks one has to visit churches on a regular basis and feel the spiritual energy there.

“Immerse yourself in God’s love which fills the spaces of these religious houses. You can attend mass regularly if that resonates with your soul or even just visit a chapel once in a while to reconnect with Him,” she said.

Fourth is to be non-judgmental of oneself and others and loving our brothers and sisters unconditionally even if you were wronged. According to her, it’s one way of pleasing God and bring ourselves closer to Him.

Fifth is to “be kind to all beings.” Having compassion for all living beings in this world will make you see how everything and everyone is connected, the actress said.


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“We are all one and the same. If we start looking at other souls this way, we will see that we are not just looking at other souls — we are actually seeing God in all of them,” she explained. “Because we all come from One God.”

Lastly, Magalona stressed the importance of adopting “an attitude of gratitude which will make you see just how blessed you truly are.”

“God gave you the gift of life + loves you unconditionally — even when you sin. The more grateful you are, the more Godlike you will be,” she said. “So if you haven’t yet, this may be your cue to take a moment to say a prayer of gratitude to God for blessing you with grace everyday.” JB


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