The Greenfield Legacy is at Home in Trava | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Since the company’s conception, Greenfield Development Corporation has been clear with its mission of developing communities that will stand the test of time and are worthy of being bequeathed from one generation to the next. Acting on an ethos that centers the value of its projects on its ability to cultivate and sustain communities within its lush spaces, the 61-year-old old development corporation continues to lead the pack. Having mastered the craft of building a home for generations to come, Greenfield shines in its upscale residential developments. Nowhere is this mastery better displayed than in Trava. A 33-hectare residential space of lush, manicured landscaping and wide open spaces, Trava is the crown jewel of Greenfield’s premiere residential projects in Laguna. 

Trava is an idealized grassland with a beauty that both steal your breath away and puts you at ease; more than this, it is at the forefront of luxury and sustainable innovation in the country. Trava is a display of the boldness Greenfield has in their decisions—which, at a closer look, is not boldness at all, but reliable experience and trust in the value of space. Almost half of the land is dedicated to open spaces, and everything from the village entrance and clubhouse, to the tree-lined roads, are seamlessly integrated with the community’s organic attractions. Innovative planning choices are the understated keepers of evergreen surroundings. Electrical fixtures are underground, avoiding the need for electrical posts and wires cramping the area, while pavers direct rainwater away from homes during the rainy season.

Thoughtful choices on materials have also been made, that benefit all things living in the area. Durable engineered wood, specialized glass to minimize UV and infrared light, and odorless paint, are some of the safe alternatives Leandro V. Locsin and Partners selected to craft Trava’s spacious model homes. All of this is a demonstration of the elevated luxury found when a real estate developer commits to sustainability, and when Greenfield Deluxe shares Trava with its top clients, they invite them not just to a better way of life, but to take part in the Greenfield legacy. The connection that creates between a homeowner and their land is the x-factor that makes a Trava property top dollar, and worthy to be the beginning ground for a family’s legacy lasting far into the future. 

Greenfield has learned to deeply understand sustainability’s core value of playing the long game. Bold strides and faith in the south are what veered the company off course of the booming metro into investing in 400 hectares in Santa Rosa nearly 25 years ago. The mixed-use development made after a park-living concept gradually became home to residential developments, offices, and lifestyle centers, and Greenfield City made its returns as the gem of Santa Rosa. Clearly, their embellished portfolio of projects over the decades sticks to the same tune of its frontal advertising, which is a rare case of genuine advocacy scarcely seen in today’s competitive market. Trava is an exploration of the invaluable essence of community that can come out of large spaces, a concept Greenfield has been playing with since 1998. It is the abundance of land that characterizes Greenfield’s influence on the modern Filipino lifestyle. 

Three tiers of abundance can be found looking from a home in Trava, outward. The model units courtesy of Leandro v Locsin partners visualize the real image of a homeowner with no shortage of guests. A spacious living room, dining room, and patio, as well as receiving areas all around the house rightly accommodate their sociable lifestyle. Out of the property and into the larger space at your disposal, picture walking at your own leisure, in an untiring landscape where you can discover something new in green grass. You could venture into the clubhouse, to be taken care of with top-of-the-line amenities and to find the pleasant company of your neighbors under the natural skylight peeking in through the roof. And nestled in the heart of Greenfield City, a household in Trava can comfortably take their children to PAASCU-accredited schools, go for brunch and shop at nearby Paseo Outlets, or take the Eton-Greenfield City exit into Manila whenever they wish. A home where one’s needs are met by the bounty of their surroundings is what Greenfield has made a reality for the lucky few that choose them. 

Sustainability is a non-negotiable for any company that has any intention to make it in the 2020s, Greenfield so naturally incorporating a consciousness for the future into their developments has guaranteed them and their endeavors lasting vitality in the decades to come. This is for the better, of course, as more of what Greenfield has perfected through Trava would do us all good: the integration of a location’s natural resource with ever-evolving, future-proof modern amenities, so that communities may thrive off of the full potential of a space that would otherwise not be possible in a place too industrialized, or too rural. With Santa Rosa City drawing more attention from urban dwellers, looking to escape to a breathable space, Trava adds more value to the first-class city through its future-proof and eco-conscious take on luxury—a luxury that will last generations, and generations growing increasingly socially conscious will take full pride in tending to as their own. The feat of Trava is a change in the tides to avidly pursue, start anew in the South, and return to the true luxury of nature in the progressive community of Laguna.