Pru Life UK takes care of the future of more Filipino families including the LGBTQIA+ community
Pru Life UK

Pru Life UK takes care of the future of more Filipino families including the LGBTQIA+ community

Families, the basic unit of the society, may come in all shapes and sizes. However, the need to protect every member’s health and well-being is universal and crucial, especially during these uncertain times. The slow-but-sure social acceptance of adoptive and foster families, single parents and same-sex partnerships has given us a more inclusive approach to understand what constitutes a family.

This has also changed the current perception of lifestyle, business organizations, and consumer behavior. Even when healthcare and insurance continue to evolve, some diverse families remain wary and fearful that access to comprehensive protection will remain a far-fetched dream for them.

Getting an insurance for the family is the truest way to secure our loved ones’ future. Thus, it is a necessary opportunity for everyone—notwithstanding their age, sexual orientation, gender identity or setup—as health is a fundamental right that every individual should have access to.

Pru Life UK recently launched PRUHealth FamLove, the company’s first-of-its-kind life protection product that can be availed by Filipino families of different types and sizes, including LGBTQIA+ couples, cohabiting partners, traditional and adoptive families, and single parents.

PRUHealth FamLove is a trailblazing plan which enables one to share critical illness coverage illness with up to four eligible family members, all in just one plan. With this inclusive product, Pru Life UK stays true to its commitment of being a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

PRUHealth FamLove for Pride

Pru Life UK is cognizant of the fact that every family member—whether in a traditional or unconventional setup—needs to be included when it comes to their rights to be protected and included. Chezka Carandang and Clare Inso, an LGBTQIA+ couple, who have been together for five years, couldn’t agree more.

Pru Life UK

Carandang, 28, is making waves in a male-dominated profession as a pilot, while Inso, 24, is making a name for herself as a model and endorser. The couple uses their social media platforms to inspire Filipinos, and advocate for the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.  These social media influencers met personally for the first time in Cebu, where Carandang moved for her job. Claire found in Chezka someone who’s responsible, affectionate, and could calm her down; Chezka found in Claire a person she could love every part of. Their relationship blossomed, and they instantly found a home in each other. And as they say, the rest is history.

Pru Life UK

What’s interesting about their union is that they do not expect each other to perform roles that society perceives as exclusive to one gender, because they acknowledge that they are both women. “We maintain a balance by expecting each other to work within our capacity, but also challenging our limits by learning new things,” they said. “When we contribute to our relationship, gender isn’t the basis. Both of us work so we can support ourselves, stay together, and fulfill our personal goals,” they added. Luckily for both, they are surrounded with people who are accepting and open-minded.

Having come a long way in their journey in love, discovery, and empowerment as a couple, these Gen-Z influencers say their relationship is not any different from the traditional heterosexual ones. They simply express their love for each other and know how people understand that the point of their relationship is to cherish each other every day, be there for each other, and build a brighter future together. Both agree that the LGBTQIA+ community needs their acceptance, understanding, and recognition because all kinds of relationships deserve the same quality of rights and recognition. Acceptance of LGBTQIA+ relationships, Carandang and Inso say, should not merely be just lip service but should be proven through breakthrough concepts that are all-inclusive.

One of the issues that they would like to advocate is financial inclusion and security among the LGBTQIA+ community. Thus, having protection plans that cover all types of family setups, including theirs, is key. To be recognized by insurance companies and be covered by a protection plan means that they are accepted as a couple who can protect each other from the uncertainties of the future, making them feel included and honored, and their relationship validated. Fortunately, their advocacy is now amplified and supported by Pru Life UK.

“Since signing up for Pru Life UK’s PRUHealth FamLove, I felt a sense of respect and security within my relationship. It’s a step forward to taking care of the future of the LGBTQIA+ community, cohabitating partners, and adoptive families,” Carandang confessed. And because she has personally experienced the negative impact of financial loss due to a family member’s critical illness, finally having this plan saves her from the possibility of experiencing that again.

They hope that same-sex couples and LGBTQIA+ individuals alike don’t need to experience any form of prejudice or discrimination. “With the allyship of the rest of society, the world would be a more colorful place and a more comfortable space for everyone.  Same-sex relationships are just as committed, supportive, and nurturing as the rest that there is,” they emphasized. With Pru Life UK supporting the modern family setups, Carandang and Inso hope to continue using their ever-growing social media platform to educate, inspire, and empower Filipinos.

The game-changer

Recently launched by Pru Life UK—a leading life insurer with revolutionary concepts— PRUHealth FamLove is a yearly renewable protection plan available for all Filipino families that provides long-term coverage until age 85 (applicable when the premium is continuously paid) and help compensate the high treatment and hospitalization costs of critical illness, depending on the family’s needs.

It is a unique product in the life insurance market with the System and Organ Function Insurance (SOFI) concept designed to provide a payout upon the occurrence of an event which critically affects a person’s health such as diagnosis of severe illness (cancer, heart attack, stroke), surgery, or when any of the covered systems or organs has been moderately or severely impaired or needs to undergo moderate or severe surgery, without the need to remember the long list of critical illnesses.

Core benefits for the main life insured comprise Death Benefit, and Critical Illness Benefit (Moderate and Severe Critical Illness Benefit), while core benefits for other Life Insured (such as myPartner, myChild, myFamily, and myParents plans) are Family Extension Benefit (FEB) with Moderate and Severe Critical Illness Benefit.

“We recommend PRUHealth FamLove not only to same sex couples but also to common law partners and families with adopted children. We all deserve accessible solutions to protect our financial security,” Carandang and Inso echoed. In a country where the recognition of the LGBTQI+ community’s rights is still a work-in-progress, they strongly believe that Pru Life UK’s progressive approach to life insurance will take the society a step closer to that ideal inclusive environment.

Through the years, Pru Life UK has been a key player in advocating for financial inclusion and the company hopes to change the game for traditional and modern Filipino families. Now, every member of the household—from partners to children—can now be insured with just one policy. After all, family love is best expressed through our will and desire to protect our loved ones.

Know more about PRUHealth FamLove through the Pru Life UK website or book an appointment with a Pru Life UK insurance agent nearest you. Product Terms and Conditions apply.

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