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OCTOBER 27, 2022

dimples romana green ig
Image: Instagram/@dimplesromana
dimples romana green ig
Image: Instagram/@dimplesromana

Actress Dimples Romana relished with glee her recent 37th birthday celebration which she celebrated with street children.

Romana shared on her Instagram on Sunday, November 13 photos of her birthday celebration with street children of He Cares Mission Street Children Caring Center Inc., along with some friends.

“When you reach a certain age, you may start feeling like you already know everything you need to know in life, and it takes a bit of a nudge or two to remind you just how every single day of our lives offers new lessons, a new perspective,” she said in her post.



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Romana further said that she felt that her “37th went by so swiftly” that she woke up “today at 38, already with 3 kids and a purpose somehow redirected and is needing a great deal of reassessment.”

“The past weeks I have been mastering the art of pause, taking moments to myself, enjoying just being, getting used to saying no, prioritizing and actively making time for enjoying the fruits of my labor,” she said.

She considered each of the changes in life that she experienced as “tiny and huge surprises,” that she had zero time to digest nor question the heavens why, but she would not have it any other way.

“My 37th year natuto ako to go with the flow, love even deeper and embrace the rollercoaster ride,” she said.

“Thinking back, as I was looking at the eyes of the kids up close yesterday, I saw HOPE, and JOY and ABUNDANCE lots of lots of abundance — that I feel will be the theme of my 38th…. An abundance in LOVE, PATIENCE, OPPORTUNITIES, DOORS opening, BIG DREAMS finally coming to life, quality FRIENDSHIPS and WARM, ENDURING kind of love!!!” she claimed.

Her eyes opened when the street children were doing worship before the meals yesterday as she “can’t help but look back at how the child in me still longs for the same things, only bigger, only deeper. But same hopes and dreams and prayers.”

The ”Iron Heart” actress expressed her gratitude to the coordinators of the civic organization she was helping.

“Big love to Sir Joe Dean, Ma’am Ardis, Kuya @marcovictoriaofficial for taking good care of these children from the streets and for having this home to come to for when their hearts and tummies need to be filled. Of course, she thanked Father God… And for all that’s about to come, BLESSINGS, DREAMS for my 38th, THANK YOU FATHER GOD,” she said.

“None of these belong to me, though I feel unworthy, still You lord, call me by my name, and make me blessed and worthy.Love to everyone who made my year the best yet,” she added. EDV


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